(2011) Serial Embarcadero Rad Studio 2010 __LINK__ Crack Patch


(2011) Serial Embarcadero Rad Studio 2010 Crack Patch

the first steps after starting the installation are the preparation steps. the preparation step starts by downloading a number of components from the repository, which can be up to 3.4 gb in size. once the download is complete, the components are extracted. these are some of the components that were automatically downloaded and might cause some work done by the installation process to fail, but you do not have to worry too much about them. the components that were automatically downloaded are:

  • catalog repository – 7.0 mb
  • ide – 10.4.2 installer – 0.9 mb
  • calc – 98.2 kb
  • rad studio – 46.1 kb
  • server – 2.0 mb
  • common modules – 15.6 kb
  • intellicode – 44.9 kb

now that you have installed the patch, you can start the serial studio installation process as described in the next subsection. note that you can only install one version at a time, so if you have both version 10.3 and 10.4 installed, you cannot upgrade your ide to 10.4 and install the patch at the same time.

rad studio 2010 supports two types of licenses, which are:

  • standard license (or standard full license): this license applies to all features.
  • incremental license: this license applies to specific features.

note that you must not use the offline installer if you are installing or upgrading your rad studio version to use the offline installer. to use the offline installer, please have the latest version of rad studio installed on the computer where you are running the offline installer.

note: installing patch #2 through getit in the ide requires an internet connection. if you installed rad studio via the offline (iso) installer, you might also need to issue the command getitcmd.exe -c=useonline (unless you have already issued the command once).you can also download the patch via the new download portal, my.embarcadero.com, copy it to the development machine, unzip and follow the same installation steps.
shortly after downloading a trial version of an idera product, you should receive an e-mail from idera with a serial number, which must be registered as follows. these instructions also apply if you have purchased a product and received a serial number prior to running the application for the first time, or if the trial period has expired.
as you can see in the image above, the installation displays some warning (actually 2) as it adds files that were missing in the original 10.4 release. this is expected. the information displayed on the screen is also logged in a file called patch.log in the catalog repository folder for the patch.
if you are upgrading, modifying, or removing rad studio, the offline installer opens the microsoft windows 10 sdk installer. if you selected to upgrade a trial version of rad studio to a permanent license, when the microsoft windows 10 sdk installer finishes it opens the embarcadero product registration tool, where you can request a permanent license.
the offline installer does not install prerequisites such as the.net framework and the visual studio 2010 ide. to install these, select the option “install prerequisites” in the license tab and then follow the instructions.


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