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I cover all the features of Photoshop in more detail in Chapter 18.

Note: Photoshop is sold by Adobe in both physical and digital formats. The program you purchase and the version that you download to your computer are the same program, just two different packaging options.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Elements is the name of a huge range of Adobe products that include Photoshop.

This slideshow introduces Photoshop Elements, the version you get with a retail version of Photoshop. This is the one that most non-professionals use. I cover Photoshop Elements in Chapter 18.

Adobe also offers a free, online version of Photoshop called Photoshop Mini. Although Photoshop Elements can do many of the same things as the full version of Photoshop, if you need more functionality, don’t worry – you can always move to Photoshop.


One of the biggest changes in the digital imaging world in recent times is the advent of open source software. The concept is very simple: a software tool that is open source is available to everyone. Anyone can use, modify and enhance that software.

It’s free (although this varies from program to program and company to company). It’s open source, meaning that the programmers and designers who developed it release all of the source code, so anyone can download it, modify it and use it for whatever they want.

Gimp is one of the most popular image-editing programs that makes use of this open source philosophy. It’s a powerful program and a great way to get started if you’re not sure whether you want to use Photoshop or not.


Blender is the free and open source computer animation, visual effects and video editing program. It’s easy to use, and the biggest bonus is that it is free (as in beer).

Google SketchUp

Google’s SketchUp is a 3D (three-dimensional) web-based modeling program that enables people with no previous experience in 3D modeling to create realistic 3D objects and environments. Although you can model objects in Photoshop, they’re not immediately realistic. SketchUp, on the other hand, is a true 3D modeling tool.

Photoshop and Elements are designed as raster (as opposed to vector) programs. In the raster world, a digital image is made up of an array of tiny dots. As you edit the image, you change those dots, which can look and behave like any shape you want. Vector graphics is different

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Before we go through any of the amazing features of Photoshop, we shall start off with its history.

History Of Photoshop

Photoshop is a graphic design application developed by Art of Illusion as an enhanced version of Photoshop. It is one of the best photo editing apps available in the market and it is mainly known for its powerful and accurate masking and blending features.

According to Wikipedia:

“The design of Photoshop was influenced by its founder, Douglas Nyffeler, who previously worked on CinePaint and Softimage. The fundamental split in the product’s early design came from deciding whether to follow Gimp’s model of releasing a source code application or to incorporate the existing proprietary features of the MacPaint product to gain features and differentiation.”

Adobe Photoshop Logo

The most famous designer of the Photoshop is a Hungarian-American software engineer by the name of John Knoll. John is the main designer of Photoshop and he is also the project manager for the project. He designed the first version of Photoshop and also the interface which is simple, easy to use and fast.

Today, the world is running on Creative Cloud and Adobe Photoshop is free for most people. This is also the reason why people are using it so much. It is one of the best tools out there and it is free of charge. If you really want to know the history, there is an amazing book out there called “Photoshop’s History” and you can get it here, I highly recommend that you go and buy it.

10 Must-Have Features Of Photoshop

There are many ways to save time or to improve the overall quality of Photoshop, and one of those ways is using some tools. All Photoshop editors have essential tools, some are free and some are paid. Below are some useful tools and features that you can use in Photoshop.

Macro Dialogs

Macro dialogs were first introduced in version 5.0.1. The macros were introduced to speed up the process. The only two types of macros in Photoshop are as follows:

Hard-key shortcuts – Macros used to perform an action over and over again in one single command.

Macros used to perform an action over and over again in one single command. Shortcuts – Macros used for one single action and are easier to use.

Macro dialogs allow you to easily create a shortcut to perform many functions

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What’s New In Adobe Photoshop 2020?


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