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That assessment comes in response to what many view as the financial crisis of 2008 and the subsequent Great Recession, but the report continues that this period is not an aberration.

“With potential systemic risk arising from a confluence of extreme leverage, increased numbers of private label securitizations, and [its] combination with deteriorating banking capital and liquidity, the U.S. banking system has lost substantial ground to its international competitors and now faces the likely possibility of greater maturities, loan losses and, in turn, declines in capital,” the report said.

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You can think of a HDMI splitter as a mechanical switch that allows one HDMI device to send a single stream to another. That’s important if you want to watch TV on your TV, say, if you want to do things like switch between live and recorded TV on your cable box. You can use the same Roku remote to switch between your cable TV and streaming videos on Roku, for instance.

The Amazon-made HDMI splitter you bought has a single port that can split its HDMI video into two video streams. But if you want to connect two TV sets or a TV and a Roku, you’ll want to buy a HDMI splitter with the ability to split four streams.

With a four-port splitter, you’ll have to connect your Roku with HDMI to one port, and get a second HDMI port connected to your TV.

If you have a source that can send video to more than one port, such as a cable box with four sets of HDMI ports, you’ll need a splitter with six or more ports to support it. [How to Use a Roku Remote Control (Infographic)]

Older electronics are losing the HDMI standard

Today’s cables might be able to connect HDTV sets to cable boxes with just a single cable, but older TVs and cable boxes need at least two. There are three versions of the old standards that are still used today, called HDMI-A, HDMI-C and HDMI-D. The A version is a text-based HDMI specification that still works with cable boxes, but is increasingly obsolete with TVs and other equipment.

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