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It’s also nothing like your typical FPS. At the center of everything is a persistent, open world with procedurally generated levels, and an inventory system which you can explore. You can also build your own fortress, with the lore of the series swirling around it. However, this world is also teeming with classic enemies from previous games, all of whom have a story to go with them. Just add the fun of having your own customizable mercenaries to call your team, and you’ve got a game unlike anything else out there.

The Pre-Sequel puts you right into the shoes of the Gunzerker class, who specializes in close-quarters combat. He’s the only one of the fourclasses who has a gun built into his team’s body. These guns have a number of parts, double as a melee weapon, and are upgradeable as you find better pieces to attach to them. The Pre-Sequel is less of a shooter, and more of a hack-and-slash type of game, but it’s as fun and rewarding as any other Borderlands game in the series.

I’ll also say that while Borderlands 2 does a good job with not having Jack in the new games even though he is still a bad guy, it doesn’t do much to explain his actions in the other games. When you first see him, he’s still a crazed animal with no reasoning behind his actions. Borderlands 2 takes place four years after the first game, and during this hiatus, he’s finally been imprisoned in a mental institution to be monitored. However, Jack still lives on in the minds of people around the world, causing them to do things like shoot a man in a wheelchair in cold blood. Borderlands 2 only brings out one of the many insane things he’s done, and that’s when he reveals his identity to have been Topeed Broflovski before things take a dark turn.

Borderlands 2 added inverse kinematics for the first time in a shooter. Characters can even be ‘crouched’ which means their map is zoomed more than it is in the view of the player (so you see more of the map at once), along with 360 on-screen aiming and firing.


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