Nobel Prize in Medicine Awarded to the Researchers Who Discovered the Hepatitis C Virus

In 1989, the team of scientists were able to identify the blood-borne virus. Because of their foundational research, Hepatitis C is the only chronic viral infection where almost all cases can be cured within a few months using a cocktail of medications–the current challenge is making the therapeutics cheaper and more widely available. The group’s work also was able to help screen donors and make the blood supply safer.

AI and Nano-Particle Biochip Developed to Study Tumors

The scientists combined artificial intelligence, microfluidics, and nanoparticle inkjet printing to create this device. The novel biochip allows cancer cells to be characterized from a sample to understand not only the type but also vital information about a tumor that can be used to develop better cancer treatment drugs. By combining machine learning techniques with the inkjet printing technology, the biochips have potential to be an accessible, low-cost device.

New Method for Generating High Resolution 3D Images of RNA

Until now, scientists have been stuck looking at things on a small scale, around 35 nucleotides. But most of the interesting things that are biologically and medically relevant occur at a much larger scale of 100 nucleotides or more. The ability to look at things at a larger scale allows researchers to peek into molecules and see what is happening in a way that was previously unavailable.

Clinical Trials Show Promise In Cervical Cancer Treatment

With one having 160 patients and the second, 155, the studies represent the largest trials for immunotherapy in relapsed cervical cancer to date. In the first, there was a 14% response rate in all treated patients and 19% in PD-L1 positive. In the second response rate was 22% and 27% respectively. The trials show potential for treatment and hope considering the limited treatments available.

Babies Born by Cesarean Section Might Benefit from a Dose of Their Mothers Fecal Material

When comparing the microbiomes with those of 29 vaginally born babies, they discovered that the treated babies’ microbiota evolved to resemble those of vaginally born babies within just 3 weeks. Compared with untreated C-section babies, the treated newborns had significantly fewer pathogenic bacteria.

Bacteria-infected mosquitoes could be the key to eliminating dengue fever

They hypothesized that by infecting a small population of mosquitoes and then releasing them into the wild, overtime, the bacteria will slowly spread to the offspring and eventually lead to eradicating the virus. Scientists decided upon Yogyakarta for its population and the impact that dengue fever has on the area—reports show 8 million cases and thousands of deaths yearly in Indonesia. Results showed that within areas the mosquitoes were released, dengue fever has dropped by 77 percent.

Compounds In Cannabis Can Fight Intestinal Infections

With the knowledge that cannabis compounds or synthetic derivatives have potential to help the body recover from intestinal infections, researchers can develop more advanced drugs to treat them, especially those that work faster than current treatment options.

Newly Identified Protein Function Could Be Key in Treating Drug Addiction and Behavioral Disorders

The researchers were able to identify over 400 multifunctional proteins that interact with other proteins. They highlighted three proteins, CBP, MAPK, and NPas4 that all interact with each other when dopamine is released into the brain and results in neural changes.

Extracting DNA From Fossil Samples

The study used samples that were between two to six years old with insects embedded into it. The researchers were able to use PCR to amplify DNA samples that they retrieved from the resin and then ran the samples on gels to compare with a standard. Another study had provided insight that amplified DNA from these organisms but it did not provide clarity in the methods to make it reproducible.

MIT Researchers Get a Step Closer to a Universal Flu Vaccine

The research showed that making a virus from the stems of the virus rather than the head can shift the immune system’s focus to not only create antibodies for a specific strain but also create an immune response to other possible variations of the virus.

Genetic Modifications allow Transgenic Rice to Increase Yield

The C4 Rice Project is a group started by scientists at the International Rice Institute. Their goal was to engineer rice to yield larger crop yields to meet the demands of a high global population. While in 1995, at the start of their project, technology did not make their project feasible, developments such as CRISPR allow the researchers to continue on the legacy of the group today.

Brain Imaging Study Suggests Parkinson’s May Actually be Two Diseases in One

Parkinson’s disease is traditionally understood as a neurodegenerative disease that starts in the brain. While that does remain true in some cases, growing evidence suggests this disorder is actually two diseases, with one variant starting in the gut. In a recent brain imaging study, researchers found that in some people with Parkinson’s, damage to the nervous system begins in the intestinal nervous system and later travels to the brain. In some patients, the disease appears to emerge in the brain first.

New Tool Could Speed Up the Ability to Design New Biological Systems

The innovation, called the Automated Recommendation Tool (ART) means it will not require years of developing a meticulous understanding of each part of a cell in order to manipulate it. Instead, the algorithms are capable of predicting how changes in a cell’s DNA or biochemistry will affect its behavior, where it then makes recommendations for the next engineering cycle with probabilistic predictions for attaining the desired goal.

Pemeran Tarzan Versi Dewasa Cinlok, Menikah Lalu Pensiun dari Industri Porno

Rocco Siffredi dan Rosa Caracciolo pernah terlibat dalam film ‘Tarzan’ versi dewasa. Mereka terlibat cinlok hingga menikah Rosa Caracciolo adalah mantan aktris porno Italia. Nama aslinya adalah Rozsa Tassi, sebelum memutuskan mengubahnya setelah bertemu Rocco di awal 90-an saat berada di Cannes, Prancis. Rozsa Tassi lahir pada 1972 di sebuah kota dekat Budapest, Hungaria. … Continue reading “Pemeran Tarzan Versi Dewasa Cinlok, Menikah Lalu Pensiun dari Industri Porno”

Serba-serbi Gunung Arjuno, Cantik dan Penuh Misteri

Gunung Arjuno menjadi gunung tertinggi kedua di Jawa Timur, setelah Gunung Semeru. Gunung ini menyuguhkan pemandangan yang cantik, namun juga menyimpan sederet misteri. Letaknya bersebelahan dengan Gunung Welirang, yakni di Kota Batu, Kabupaten Malang dan Pasuruan. Untuk para pendaki, sudah pasti tak asing dengan gunung satu ini. Ingin tahu lebih dalam tentang Gunung Arjuno? … Continue reading “Serba-serbi Gunung Arjuno, Cantik dan Penuh Misteri”

Lab-Grown Meat Company Raises $55 Million in Funding 🍔🧫💰

The European food technology company, Mosa Meat (@mosa_meat), introduced the world’s first cultured beef hamburger back in 2013 by growing it naturally from cow cells. They have now announced the first closing of $55 million as part of a larger Series B funding round, which will be used to increase production and push cultivated beef to consumers.

Breakthrough with Plastic-Eating Enzyme Show Promise for Faster Recycling

Plastics are incredibly hard to break down and with growing consumerism, plastic pollution is evident nearly everywhere. Relatively new super-enzyme has shown to effectively degrade plastic within six days, showing promise for the future of recycling not only plastics but other waste using similar technology.

Common Plant Virus Proves to be an Unlikely Ally in the War on Cancer

Researchers at Dartmouth College have seen promising results by injecting animal tumors with a common plant virus known as the cowpea mosaic virus. After receiving the viral therapy, several dogs with oral cancer had their tumors completely disappear and went on to live into old age without recurring cancer. Given that around 85% of dogs with oral cancer will develop a new tumor within a year of radiation therapy, the results were striking. The team is now aiming for a human trial.

Brain-Computer Interface Transforms Thoughts into Images

Researchers at the University of Helsinki used artificial intelligence to create a system that uses signals from the brain to generate images of what the user is thinking.

Why Magic Mushrooms Are the Next Big Legal Drug Market

Like marijuana, psychedelic drugs that were once considered illicit are now going mainstream. Although the substances, their effects, and the chemical compounds are quite different, psychedelics like psilocybin have followed the trail left by marijuana to mainstream acceptance.

3-D Printing Inside the Body Could Patch Stomach Ulcers, Help in Hernia Repair, and Treat Infertility.

Bioprinting micro robot deposits live human cells onto a lab dish inside a transparent plastic model of a stomach. Credit: Wenxiang Zhao

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry has Gone to the Two Women Who Pioneered CRISPR Gene Editing

Emmanuelle Charpentier of France, left and Jennifer Doudna of the U.S. While most awards are given to recipients whose research dates back a decade or so, Doudna and Charpentier’s work is relatively recent. Their CRISPR research paper was published in 2012 and currently has 6,000 citations already–only 700 of 50 million papers published since 1970 have that many. Since 2012, their CRISPR/Cas9 research has been applied in multiple different areas of genetic research from new genetically-modified crops, innovative medical treatments, and more. (AP Photo/Jose Vicente)

Regeneration of Neurons in the Eye

The team discovered that the Müller glia cells in zebrafish also go through gliosis, and the regeneration process only requires the organism to “turn on” it’s early development processes. This means the organisms that are capable of regenerating retinal neurons actually do follow a similar path to humans.

Fecal Transplants Show Promise in Reversing Cognitive Decline

The researchers believe that the study reveals the importance of the gut-brain relationship not only in terms of aging, but also other functions. They hope that this study can provide a stronger foundation to researching FMT further to improve quality of life in the elderly.