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– All-new Super Fun, Out-of-this-world locations, scenarios, and quests!
– Over 20 characters, each with a unique set of skills!
– Dozens of new objects and costumes, including a couple custom ones!
– Special “Believe It or Not” quests that give you a new challenge in each chapter!
– Over 1,000 new lines of dialogue!
– Brand new “Secret Tips” features, including one that lets you play a game of spin the bottle as you talk to a girl!
– The ability to customize your Frisky Factor!
– And a whopping 17 different endings!
For PC and MAC users:
Frisky Business: Episode 2 is available as a standalone download on Steam and on the App Store for iphone & iPad!
For Android:
Frisky Business Episode 2 is coming to Google Play in 2018!
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Falco Frisk Series Stats:
– 48 Story Episodes!
– 25 Unique Characters!
– 10 Different Locations!
– 8 Different Destinations!
– 6 Different Specials!
– 5 Families!
1. Tales from the Nightside:
2. Tales from the Crypt:
3. Tales from the Wizard of Oz:
4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid:




Features Key:

  • Thrilling Story
  • Dynamic Characters
  • Brilliant Combat
  • Groundbreaking Visuals
  • GAME OVERVIEW: “ICY: The Path of MAN”

    The game retains the essence of the Blood In Ice series. Abaddon, the once mortal god, has transformed himself into the murderous psychopathic creature known as Abaddon. He has escaped from Heaven to establish a new kingdom, the kingdom of Darkness, where he will reign fearfully and loathsomely. All who oppose Abaddon in ICY: Frostbite Edition will be eliminated before they can cause him any trouble. It is up to you to help Abaddon rise to power, infiltrate the hidden world and destroy both Heaven and Hell!

    The rise of Abaddon has all but subdued the world, even the surface of the planet. Only the Ice Dungeons, a hidden, magically-controlled land under the ice and snow of the planet’s northern reaches, remain.
    Steez C. Johnson, a young Ice Runner, finds himself and his friends, the Ice Legion, in an abandoned town below the ice surrounded by countless dangers. It is here where Steez must fully understand where he stands after rejecting Abaddon’s call as a hero from Heaven. Steez must bring back his Ice Legion and bring the Ice Dungeons to life to uncover who Abaddon truly is while neutralizing a coup attempt on his friend’s life and protecting Earth from the dangers below…

    ABADDON: The Rise of The Charred King
    Frostbite Edition is the prequel to Blood in Ice

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    A Great Time For War is a great time for war. Millions of people have played the game for more than 3 years, but it is still getting better.
    Other Game Features:
    – Brigade control
    – Map control
    – Different skills and formation to choose.
    – Can play in 1st person mode or 3rd person mode.
    – Realistic gameplay that use 1 to 10 types of unit formations.
    – Battle game with waves in real-time.
    – Realistic battle map (Map control).
    – Full sound engine that use real battle battle sounds (battlemap changes).
    – Realistic soldiers with squad weapons and different stats for different difficulty mode.
    – Realistic supply system
    – Can have different faction and choose different nation for game.
    – Can play in different locations.
    – Many ways to get achievements.
    – Can play with enemy and you can fight the enemy together.
    – Can fight or play together with other players (peer to peer).
    – Can start and fight a battle with any player.
    – Can play with CPU controlled battle (battle map and resources).
    – Can play free battles in 1 or 3 person mode.
    – Can play in many difficulty modes with different game features.
    – Realistic battlefield that your soldiers can fight.
    – Many more improvements are coming.
    – File size: 104MB
    – OCR Supported
    – Web Speech Supported
    – Credit Roll & BSD 3Clause License
    – More player support
    – Unit Support

    If you like the game ( which is free), please leave a 5 star rating and if you have a problem, I will answer your questions.
    Video Games channel:


    Alexander the Great Battles Simulator

    by Azize

    Alexander the Great Battles Simulator

    Alexander the Great Battles Simulator is a time management game that gives you the opportunity to be the young Alexander the Great and lead your troops into battle.
    Start your way through the battlefield in a real-time battle map.
    Your goal is to destroy your enemies and kill your enemies but choose your formation and set a strategy for your battle.
    Choose the best formation for your unit against the enemies and the odds, and change it when the situation demands.
    Attack your enemies when they are in a weak


    Channel Player Download 2022 [New]

    After you start the game, you should find yourself in a dim room where you will be able to pick up the controller. We hope the controllers are in the controllers (and not in your pants).
    We recommend first to play the Tutorial, because it will give you a basic idea of the gameplay.
    To play the Tutorial, just look in a direction you want to look and hit the start button. The game will start to play.
    TIP: Move around in your room with the buttons. After you are used to moving around, you can press back and hold the buttons to aim in the direction you want to move. Look around with the buttons. Aim in any direction and then hold the buttons to move the room around.
    Also, you can press the buttons on the controller to do other things, like click on something and use your hand for a weapon.
    For full list of functionality, feel free to take a look at the buttons and their functions on the controller.
    You can also change settings in the menu.
    » (L) button to change your Current level
    » (R) button to open the menu
    » A button on the controller to cycle through the options
    » C button to display the info
    » D button to confirm the settings
    Game Play:
    1. Aim in the direction you want to attack.
    2. Click on your enemy with a punch (L button).
    3. Repeat!
    4. It’s one hit and you’re out!
    5. Try to avoid taking a hit and focus on trying to hit them.
    6. Try to pull off three or more punches in one round.
    7. You need to follow the beat of the song in real time. The game will give you the beat (and the combo counter will be displayed). But don’t expect to see the whole song before hitting an opponent. The song may have different beats.
    Enjoy the game!
    I hope you have fun!
    Try it out!
    List of important content included in the game:
    1. Full controller support with left, right, up, down buttons.
    2. The following buttons: A, B, X and Y
    3. 3 mode: Campaign, Custom Mode, and Tournament Mode.
    4. 4 weapon types.
    5. Boxing glove skins, wall skins, and outfits and more (Wall skins are listed below in the “#win” section).
    6. Music list, containing over 100


    What’s new:

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    Tap-Tap Adventure

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    Play and enjoy this amazing Tap-Tap Adventure Game now!

    About Tap-Tap Adventure

    Read on to learn about the history and features of this exciting Minigame.

    How To Play Tap-Tap Adventure

    The game is very simple but will sure challenge your reflexes. The logic and puzzles are things you will find with great delight in Tap-Tap Adventure for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

    Your task is to tap the red letters correctly to form words and complete the sentence to get ahead in the match.

    When you press on a button to select, the cursor will go to that letter and it will be added to your sentence.

    Tap-Tap Adventure: Online Game Fun

    Enjoy these fun games from experts at Make sure to keep checking out your favorite games daily so you can keep on playing now!

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    FEZ is another mid-level game with an audiovisual sensibility that defies genre categorization. But it should be useful, if you can look past its peculiarities.

    FTL: Advanced Edition. Travel by faster-than-light. Save humanity. (That’s the primary goal, anyway. There’s a secondary goal that involves fending off relentless pirate attacks and your own crashes, but it’s secondary.)

    FTL: Advanced Edition is a living, breathing universe, and the stakes are real: this is your universe, your life, your dream. It is time to take command and reach for the stars. It is time for you to roll the dice and live the life you will remember.

    3D Puzzle

    This is Halfbrick’s second attempt at a Star Wars puzzle game (it was originally released in


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    “Draw With Unknown” is a completely classic multiplayer game where you draw with friends or strangers.
    【Multiple Colors】
    You can choose a different color to create a new landscape!
    You can also choose other options from different colors to create a different experience.
    【Different Felt Sizes】
    You can play “Draw With Unknown” using other felt in other sizes to be different with others.
    【Good Music】
    Good music for a good time!
    To create a fun atmosphere for drawing!
    10 Hours of Game Play Time.
    Sorry but no trial available
    Supported OS: MacOS / Windows 10
    Support Forum: facebook:
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