Constantine 1080p Dual Audio 182

Constantine 1080p Dual Audio 182

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Constantine 1080p Dual Audio 182

jude law was cast as the titular character in this version because he already worked with stephen sommers, constantine’s creator, on the 2004 fantasy film the illusionist . law’s character was drawn from the comic book character john constantine, created by alan moore and illustrated by eddie campbell, first published in 1992 by vertigo comics.

law was the last of the three principal cast members to be cast. the first was val kilmer, who was cast in may 2002. he was soon replaced by the second lead, brad pitt, in september 2002. in july 2003, pitt also left the project to star in the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford , and law was replaced by australian actor and american idol winner constantine carrell, who was cast in august 2003.

constantine was written by francis lawrence, and produced by michael b. zaidman, lawrence, and jeff kirschenbaum, with zaidman’s avi arad producing the film. lawrence’s first screenplay, gladiator , was based on the screen play written by david franzoni, and gary ross directed. lawrence’s next screenplay,

elements of the story take place in the modern world, and elements occur in the second world, where constantine and his allies must endure demons, demon-possessed humans, and other obstacles that they must overcome to prevent what he believes will be world war ii-style genocide of humanity.

one reviewer notes, what separates darks souls from the dozens of other supernatural detective/demon-hunter games is that, unlike those other games, it plays as a decent detective game first. where hollywood detective point-and-click/text adventure games have in recent years been a great point-and-click adventure game first, darks souls plays with lovecraftian horror and the mythos of demonology in a way no detective game has done before. this is high praise indeed, and something i had very high hopes for and was eager to test. would it work as a detective game? i was skeptical. would it be effective? i was intrigued. would it be fun? i was eager.

directed by francis lawrence & kathryn s. mcdaniels written by francis lawrence based on the characters created by alan moore. stars jamie delano, naveen andrews, brian tee, brett cullen, kelly james, dania ramirez, rob guillory, noel fisher, kristi koken, danai gurira, christopher hardy
constantine, spera is a chicago-based demon hunter, skilled with all forms of weapons and armed with a demon-hunting amulet, necklace, and ring. the talisman is the key to his work, and all constantine’s demonic enemies are after the evil object, which according to a prophecy, will only work if constantine can complete five missions. “youll die before you can use that,” the oracle told constantine, “because your time is up.” but there’s little fear of death to constantine, who prefers to live on the edge and thoroughly enjoys killing demons with the help of his demonic inner and spiritual allies.
among constantine’s allies is, of course, constantine’s beloved demon companion, charon, aka “the devil’s right hand” — a skeleton demon who is both constantine’s weapon and his constant companion. the demon also assists constantine in the more dangerous missions, such as purging the world of demons.
the film was produced by new line cinema and dreamworks pictures, and released in theaters on june 20, 2006. it also premiered at the cannes film festival on may 23 and was released on dvd and blu-ray disc on june 8, 2006. the dvd and blu-ray versions were produced in 2.35:1 widescreen. the film was also released in imax 3d on june 20, 2006.

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