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Cutmate 2.3.rar

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How to get all route params in Angular 4


How to get router param in custom directive?
export class MyDirective {
constructor(private elRef: ElementRef) {}
private _params: Object;

params: object;

ngAfterViewInit() {
this._params =???
console.log(this._params) // -> undefined


You can use HostListener
@HostListener(‘window:locationChange’, [‘$event’])
onLocationChange(event) {

See all events here
And here how to get params
export class HomeComponent {
constructor(private router: Router) {}

routerLinks: any[] = [
path: ‘home’,
component: HomeComponent,
outlets: {
path: ‘route’,
params: [‘pk1’, ‘pk2′] // see params in the console

getParams() {
let r: any = => event.type ===’route’);
let params = r.params;


Return a plain JavaScript object with the path parameters of the
current navigation. Parameters will be available in the

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