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Get parameters from routes.php for a custom module

I have created a custom module and want it to return a list of items.
I now want to display them in the custom module’s page.php by using

This works fine for the default Magento module page template.
However my module returns a 404 when I navigate to my module page.
How can I get the module to go to the parent’s page template and display the child template?


The order of things:

Your custom module must be loaded first.
Your module must be set as being enabled (in the admin, in the database, etc.).
Your module’s configuration must indicate that it should render a child template (or, optionally, the default template)
Your controller must return a URL to your child template.

The point 3 is the tricky one, as Magento doesn’t naturally let you do this. If you are using the Module Controller (the default one) you have to add a method in your controller to return a valid URL to your child template, so you can force it to render. If you are using a custom controller you can set a class variable or an instance variable to redirect the controller to the default template, and set a new template in your controller.


Use this code:

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