Denon Mc3000 Virtualdj Mapping [TOP]

Denon Mc3000 Virtualdj Mapping [TOP]


Denon Mc3000 Virtualdj Mapping

to give you a hint, i talked to a friend at a high end dealer and was told the 6000s dont even run rekordbox, but i dont know what the deal is for denon. (and this is not a paid for ad, just a friend of mine who happens to be in the dj business)
we might be getting a full price upgrade, or they might not be releasing the 6000s for djing yet. i just know the 6000 isnt a prime product in the eyes of the dealers, and while its nice to know its going to happen, i dont know if it is worth the wait. if i owned a 6000, i would run rekordbox on it, regardless of if i had the controlers, but i dont. i just want to know if these 6000s are being released for dvs.

featuring full-color moving waveforms, familiar touch screen gestures, oled fx feedback, and a multi-view interface. the unique virtual dj desktop experience is now controllable with engine os 1.5.1 on selected denon dj products.

here we go with another dji denon dj controller – the mc-3000. this is a traktor controller, but it doesnt look like it. it has all the essential controls (kick, faders, cue points) and an analogue output, and it also has a jogwheel for scratching.
the mc-3000 has a ton of potential, but like all djs controllers, there are a few things you need to consider before plonking down your cash. will you be willing to spend a couple of hundred bucks more on a mc-5000 to get timecode for your cdjs? will you get an upgrade path to traktor 5 (since the mc-3000 doesnt have an analogue input)?
the mc-3000 is a nice piece of kit, but it isnt a must-have for everyone. we hope to see more from denon dj in the future.

in closing, we have a last thing to add on to the list. we will be uploading a step-by-step guide to mapping the mc-3000 jogwheels to your other hardware in the near future. we will have more information on this as we get closer to the date of release.
from the denon forum: “neat feature. it is like a timecode display or two. you can map the mc3000 to a second controller and if you set the mc3000 to a single deck mode, you can have it display a timecode waveform on each deck for visual cues. i think that it might be possible to use the backlit screen with a waveform display as well as a fx display. it’s not a requirement of a traktor scratch certified machine, but it would be easy enough to map each deck to a different part of the mc3000’s screen, and with a traktor scratch certified machine, you would be able to use the timecode with 2 decks.”
there are some problems with the mapping procedure in relation to the mc3000. it is not all that clear. the best way to do it seems to be to use a cdj or traktor scratch certified device. i have mapped the denon mc3000 to a cdj in such a way that the left and right buttons act as record and fader. the left crossfader is the main fader of the cdj and the right crossfader controls the 2nd deck. the denon mc3000 button acts as the 2nd deck fader. both faders are also mapped to the left and right buttons on the cdj.
it is not possible to use a cdj or traktor scratch certified device with the denon mc3000, however you can use the mc3000 in standby mode. in standby mode the mc3000 will display a time code signal on the lcd screen. in this mode the mc3000 will not work as a fader controller. you can switch off the mc3000’s standby mode feature by pressing and holding the mc3000 button on the front of the unit. if you switch off the standby mode function, you will have to use the cdj or other traktor scratch certified device as the primary fader controller. the cdj or traktor scratch certified device will then use its own faders to control the faders of the mc3000. you can use a cue button to switch between the cdj and the mc3000.

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