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Easy Mov Capture is able to capture the entire desktop or just an application running from your computer to a Quicktime Mov File.
Misc Menu : Settings : Selection of the compression type and the frame rate.
We recommand using Animation/Lossless since it’s one of the fastest compression. ( note that it will create huge files, be sure to have enough disk space ! )
Click on Refresh to refresh the list of windows (it will enumerate the opened applications) locate the application, click on it to select it.
Capture Borders will include the windows borders in the capture.
Capture Cursor is an option that allows you to grab the mouse cursor.
Width and Height are the desired Width and Height of the output mov, your video will be scaled to fit these dimensions. ( reducing the size increases grabbing speed ! )
Double click on the window name for a 100% size grab.
Click on “…” to select the output filename of your MOV file.
Click on Grab to start Grabbing ( the button will turn into a Stop ), click on stop to stop grabbing.
Codec selection window.
To convert a frame rate into a frame duration, divide 1000ms by the desired rate.
example :
you want to grab 25 frames per second:
1000/25 = 40 ( you will enter 40 in Frame Duration )
Since it uses quicktime you can even do MP4 videos!







Easy Mov Capture Crack + Download [Win/Mac] [Latest-2022]

Easy Mov Capture is a free Mac OS X application dedicated to video capture. It allows you to Grab Desktop or specific applications. It can be used for Replay purposes, sharing or as a camcorder for school projects (go to school for free video capture software! )
If you like the program please consider making a donation to help me develop new features and provide services.
DISCLAIMER : I don’t claim that the program is bug free, it does not contain any virues or malware. The source is available to let you check it yourself.


IF you like the program please consider making a donation to help me develop new features and provide services.
It is an application to create pocket sized video files.
You can create a video of your desktop or any application running and keep it on your computer or send it on any computer by email.
To build a pocket sized video, you can import desktop, screencast, camera shots etc… they will be stored in a single file which will be your pocket sized video.
With videos that you have created, you can share them with friends and internet contacts with the same ease as an image.
You can even send an amazing 2D animated desktop to your friends.
You can create your own video game, you can create a video of your fantasy car, a video of your favorite cartoon, your schools course…
In any case, the video file is pocket sized and can be sent by email with no problem.
Importing desktop
You can import the desktop folder in Easy Mov Capture.
If you select it, you are able to capture the desktop as if you were recording a screencast or the desktop in a Quicktime movie.
You will be able to create video durations, titles, annotations, text selection, layers and so on.
The video is made in 0.1 seconds.
When you export the file, you will have a Quicktime mov file.
You can also export a snapshot (png) or an image (jpeg).
You can also import videos of your video camera or webcam, or ANY format video.
Customizable preview
Easy Mov Capture displays thumbnails of the video you are about to grab.
You can display all the thumbnails of all the videos that are in the folder or only the video you want to grab.
You can change the thumbnail mode:
Number of thumbnails : choose the number of images displayed.

Easy Mov Capture Crack+ Torrent

Easy Mov Capture is a fast and easy tool to record desktop and any window.
Capture Cursor:
Capture Cursor is an option that allows you to grab the mouse cursor, as you move the mouse cursor, grab it before it disappears.
Capture Borders:
Capture Borders is an option that will make your desktop recorded like a screenshot.
Capture Windows:
Capture Windows is an option that allows you to grab the entire desktop. It makes more steps, but is able to capture the entire desktop.
Frame Rate:
Frame Rate is an option that will control the recording fps for each application. It will make a video of that application with that fps ( you can always mix the fps of each application in the same video, don’t worry about it if you want to keep your video in the same resolution, we can always scale the video to whatever resolution we want! )
Codec is an option that allows you to choose the best compression for your video. Since it uses quicktime and not mov we have to choose between animation lossless or animation animation lossy. We recommend Animation/Lossless.
Frame Duration:
Frame Duration is an option that will make the video duration fit your fps. Since it uses quicktime we can select a value in seconds or miliseconds.
Frame Rate:
Frame Rate is an option that will control the recording fps for each application.
Width and Height:
Width and Height is an option to scale the video to your desire size and fps ( a big video file will use more diskspace, don’t worry about it, and from a faster storage like flash drive it won’t be a problem! )
Single Click:
Single Click is an option that will allow you to do a single click, click on the Window, and the window will be captured.
Grabbing Button:
Grabbing Button is an option to make the button active. When the button is active, just click it, and the Grabbing will start.
Stop Button:
Stop Button is an option to make the Grabbing stop. Make the button active, then just click it to stop.
The Grabbing stops when the video ends. ( you can also use an auto-stop when the video is over or when it’s over 10 seconds )
Stop when FF or screen turns off ( you can also use an auto-stop when the video is over or when it’s over 10 seconds )
When the video stops, the Grabbing button will

Easy Mov Capture Activation Code With Keygen PC/Windows

This little program is very easy to use.
If you selected “Update on exit” and the form shut down (even if you clicked on the “Exiting” button on the main window), just start it again to get the new list of open applications.
You can control the grabbing by pressing the left or right mouse buttons, or shift key.
The right mouse button acts as a grab, the left button as a stop.
You can use arrow key to move inside the list.
The mouse cursor will be grabbed in the middle of the screen ( -100 to -400 pixels depending on the screen size and resolution).
You can move the selected windows to the background so that it is not included in the grab.
You can also capture just the selected application window.
It’s possible to have custom dimensions for the output file ( width, height, quality, compression type).
It’s also possible to have an output file with custom frame duration (frame duration can be higher than the real framerate when capturing without time server) or even make a partition.
In case of output framerate lower than capturing framerate you can easily correct it.
It’s also possible to fill the entire screen for each desktop and each app (even when not capturing).
It’s possible to select folders on your computer to check, as well as Virtual machine (QEMU/KVM and VBox) to capture.
The application can act as a window manager and show you the windows on the screen (and act as a grab for you too when needed).
The program will let you control the mouse cursor in the list.
The program will let you double click on a windows in order to a full size grabbing (while a window full screen, you can use the left or right mouse button)
It’s possible to go back to the main window from the control panel.
The control panel window and the main window are linked.
You can have a control panel window with information about your desktop, about the selected app and even about another virtual machine.
You can also control and set up the mouse cursor position in the control panel window.
The control panel window will refresh itself each time you start the application (but it will not refresh when the main window is refreshed).
To change the output settings from the control panel window, just press the “Apply” button.
You can also import or export your settings.

Control panel

Select the application you want to control

What’s New In?

Easy Mov Capture offers a set of capture tools to get a capture of your
desktop to Quicktime MOV video file :
Capture the entire screen ( or just an application window )
Capture the windows borders ( usefull for capturing the title bar )
Capture the mouse cursor
Capture a range of coordinates ( grab a mouse click, drag, press buttons… )
The cammap control provides :
– a list of all the applications ( or windows ) on your computer
– a filter to select only the window(s) you want to capture
– a ” right click” function on selected windows
– a ” refresh list” function to get the windows enumeration
– a ” screenshot” button to display the pictures of the selected windows
and a Help menu!
Easy Mov Capture is a free ( freeware ) software developed by Celtor.
The latest version of Easy Mov Capture is 2.2.1, available for download from our website.

I’ve been having issues with PCM capture of streaming video for a while now, and I’m having trouble figuring out why.
I suspect it is an issue with the data compression, and I’ve tried a bunch of settings, but it never seems to work.
A couple of questions:
Is there a better way to compress the data that I’m not aware of?
Is there a setting in Quicktime that I can change to improve the compression of the video data?
Below is my current settings, and the screenshot of the test video I am trying to capture. Thanks in advance for any help!

I’ve tested all settings, but for the life of me I can’t seem to make it work, so I’m hoping someone else has been able to get this working. If you know what I’m doing wrong, please help…


PCM is an old QuickTime standard, it’s not supported in any current QuickTime player. It’s referred to as “lossy” compression.
Since QuickTime 4, it’s easier to handle video as a sequence of PICTures. You can use the ALT-TAB shortcut to switch between them and use an easy view to get a fast preview.
If you want to keep it in PCM, you can tell the capture tool to only change the video codec to PCM:

Final Spot

Final Spot is a live album by jazz trumpeter Chet Baker which was recorded in 1977 and originally released


System Requirements:

Please check your system requirements before downloading. This list is updated regularly, so new computers and hardware that are released may require a reboot to install all components.
Windows Version:
Minimum OS: Windows 7/8/10/8.1/10 Pro
Minimum System:
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo (2.5 GHz) or faster
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS or AMD Radeon HD 4800 Series or equivalent
HDD: 20 GB
Memory: 1 GB
Recommended OS


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