Ebook Belajar Membaca Tanpa Mengeja

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Ebook Belajar Membaca Tanpa Mengeja: A New Way to Learn Reading

Do you want to teach your child how to read without spelling? Do you want to improve your own reading skills and comprehension? Do you want to discover a revolutionary method that is simple, effective and fun? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should check out Ebook Belajar Membaca Tanpa Mengeja.

Ebook Belajar Membaca Tanpa Mengeja is a digital book that will guide you and your child to learn reading step by step with ease. It is based on the Montessori method, which is a proven educational approach that respects the natural development of children and adults. It is also adapted to the Indonesian language, which has its own characteristics and challenges.

What is Ebook Belajar Membaca Tanpa Mengeja?

Ebook Belajar Membaca Tanpa Mengeja is a book that was written by Vidya Dwina Paramita, a Montessori teacher and parent who has been teaching children how to read for over 12 years. She was inspired by her own experience of learning how to read without spelling when she was a child, and she wanted to share this method with others.

The book consists of 88 pages that are divided into several sections. The first section explains the challenges and perceptions of teaching and learning how to read in Indonesia. The second section defines what learning how to read means and what are the goals and benefits of doing so. The third section tells the story of how Vidya learned how to read without spelling and how it changed her life. The fourth section describes the technical stages of learning how to read, from recognizing letters, practicing reading syllables, words and sentences, to understanding the meaning and context of what is read. The fifth section provides additional exercises and tips for practicing reading skills. The last section gives a brief introduction about the author.

How does Ebook Belajar Membaca Tanpa Mengeja work?

Ebook Belajar Membaca Tanpa Mengeja works by using the phonics technique, which is recognizing the sound of letters, not their names. For example, instead of saying “a” as “ah”, you say “a” as “aa”. This way, you can read any word by blending the sounds of each letter together.

The book also uses the Montessori method, which is based on the principle of “follow the child”. This means that you follow the pace and interest of your child or yourself when learning how to read. You do not force or rush them to learn something they are not ready for or interested in. You also do not use meaningless syllables or words that have no connection to their experience or reality. You use real objects, pictures and stories that are relevant and engaging for them.

The book also uses a gradual and systematic approach that starts from simple to complex. You start by learning how to read single letters, then two-letter syllables, then three-letter syllables, then words, then sentences. You also start by reading words that are easy to pronounce and spell, then words that have more variations and exceptions. You also start by reading words that have concrete meanings, then words that have abstract meanings.

What are the benefits of Ebook Belajar Membaca Tanpa Mengeja?

Ebook Belajar Membaca Tanpa Mengeja has many benefits for both children and adults who want to learn how to read or improve their reading skills. Some of these benefits are:

  • It helps develop reading fluency and comprehension. By using phonics and Montessori techniques, you can read faster and easier without spelling or guessing. You can also understand what you read better by relating it to your experience or reality.
  • It helps develop confidence and self-esteem. By following your own pace and interest, you can learn how to read without stress or pressure. You can also feel proud of your achievements and progress.
  • It helps develop creativity and imagination. By using real objects, pictures and stories, you can stimulate your senses and imagination. You can also create your own stories or illustrations based on what you read.
  • It helps develop love for reading and learning. By using fun and engaging materials, you can enjoy reading as a hobby or passion. You can also explore more topics and genres that interest you.

How to get Ebook Belajar Membaca Tanpa Mengeja?

If you are interested in getting Ebook Belajar Membaca Tanpa Mengeja, you can buy it online from various platforms such as Google Play Books or iTunes. You can also get it in print form from Amazon or Flipkart. The price of the ebook is $3.66 USD (about 50 thousand IDR) while the price of the print book is $5 USD (about 70 thousand IDR).

You can also get a free sample of the ebook from Google Books or Academia.edu before buying it. The sample contains some pages from each section of the book so you can get an idea of what it offers.

Ebook Belajar Membaca Tanpa Mengeja: Final Thoughts

Ebook Belajar Membaca Tanpa Mengeja is a book that will change the way you and your child learn how to read. It is a book that uses the phonics and Montessori methods to teach reading without spelling. It is a book that is simple, effective and fun. It is a book that has many benefits for reading fluency, comprehension, confidence, creativity and love for reading.

Now that you know everything about Ebook Belajar Membaca Tanpa Mengeja, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy today and start your reading journey with ease and joy. You can also share your thoughts and feedback about the book with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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