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RLX is the world’s best game creation platform. With over 64 million monthly active players, and over 15,000 games and creators on the site, you can create your own games or browse and play the creations of others.
– The best global community of creative players
– Play free, earn Robux, and invite your friends!
– Decentralized & Player-run economy powered by the blockchain
– Build games by scripting, or just drag and drop
– Multiplayer with friends and strangers!
– Easy game management tools
– Easily monetize your games
– Real time collaboration
– Threaded comments and in-game chat
– Start your own game or create with friends
– Games build in Lua
Roblox Website:
Roblox KnowledgeBase:
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Roblox is a free online multiplayer game played through the Internet and developed by Roblox Corporation. All games in Roblox are coded in the Lua programming language, and players can create their own games using drag-and-drop tools and a small programming language called “Blocks”. The Game Creators website allows players to upload games, and then other players can download the game and play it. Developers upload and submit the code of their games to the site, and players can then play the game by providing Robux, the game’s virtual currency, to the game’s creators.


While there are over 14,000 creators (i.e. game developers) on the Roblox site, there are only a few that have dedicated themselves to growing their following and becoming successful developers on the site. This small group of developers can be described as including the top 30 highest-earning creators on the site.[1] The highest earning creator, in 2020, was Natt Garun, with about $40,000 monthly.[2] Other successful creators have earned more than $25,000 a month, like EliteWorm.[3]

Roblox was originally an online board game building platform developed by Erik Cassel, a friend of David Baszucki. The platform was released in June 2006. It allowed users to create games and play the games created by other users. The platform is free to use and is supported by advertising. The games are coded in Lua, a small and simple programming language with little documentation. The users become the publishers of the games, as games can be created


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