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The language seems to be a mixture of Spanish and Italian. In Spanish (and the other languages where Guaco appears) it’s absolutely clear that the questioner is seeking a file for Guaco’s album Histórico. I find it very odd, therefore, that you find it difficult to comprehend the questioner’s request of “free” English translations for the lyrics of the mp3 files of this album.
How, pray, does the video. Besides, by the way, the search here also leads to the Guaco album Histórico. By the way, at the video page the text is also in English.
How much does music cost?
I have no idea, but the free file available here is 6MB. This doesn’t seem to be a “free” file, by the way. “Free” means that you are free to use without paying any fees. “Free MP3” usually means that the file is around 1MB or around 100kbps. If it costs more than 1.5 times the file size, then the MP3 is (sometimes) compressed in a lossy way in order to save bandwidth. Larger files usually means that the MP3 is heavily compressed.
A “free MP3” file is a “free”, “legal” MP3 file. Because of the copyright laws, musicians tend to want a licence for using the music in their performances. This licence is called a “royalty” and the price is usually based on how much users use the music in the performances. The number of plays of a song is usually based on how much users have seen the song in their social media feeds. In the case of Guaco, it’s often very difficult to find out how much users actually see his music, because most of them are “private” channels (private Facebook accounts, private Twitter feeds, or private channels on YouTube).
If the license of a track is not paid, then it is used freely. The song is played without conditions. However, this does not mean that a licence can be easily found. For example, if the licence is missing, the song can be sold as a physical download. This is done all the time. That’s the reason why you often find songs for sale on the internet for less than 0.99$ USD. Such sites usually use a non-official licence that’s usually a mix of copyright violation, copy protection and affiliate campaigns.
The search engine used for this question doesn’t

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Todos los Elegidos: There is a band of musicians from Guayana who usually perform in their traditional costume.

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