Harry Potter E La Pietra Filosofale Ita Avi WORK

Harry Potter E La Pietra Filosofale Ita Avi WORK


Harry Potter E La Pietra Filosofale Ita Avi

its during back to hogwarts each year that we appreciate again just what a global phenomenon the harry potter stories are. to recognise how beloved they are around the world we thought we would showcase some of the brilliant illustrative realisations on the cover of harry potter and the philosophers stone from down the years. so, here is a selection, in chronological order and remember, we dont have any favourites!

il confronto finale con voldemort imminente, una grande battaglia alle porte e harry, con coraggio, compir ci che devessere fatto. mai i perch sono stati cos tanti e mai come in quest’opera si ha la soddisfazione delle risposte.

il confronto finale con voldemort imminente, una grande battaglia alle porte e harry, con coraggio, compir ci che devesserefatto. mai i perch sono stati cos tanti e mai come in quest’opera si ha la soddisfazione delle risposte. giunti allultimo secondo si vorr riascoltare tutto daccapo, per chiudere il cerchio e ritardare il distacco dai meravigliosi personaggi che ci hanno accompagnato per cos tanto tempo.

dopo aver sconfitto voldemort, harry potter va ad accogliere la pietra filosofale. in questo suo ultimo vespro, sarà il suo nuovo compagno di vita, un ragazzino che conosce in ogni suo tratto. come lo ha mai capito?

fantastico’s 1993 version of the harry potter series by santiago martinez torrontegui and eric broadbent included three drawings by scottish illustrator tom fletcher. the cover shows the trio sitting at a quidditch match, all dressed in their wizarding clothes. behind them are magical creatures such as a dragon, a hippogriff, and a centaur. the boys are seen from different angles, with harry’s image looking directly out at the reader, ron’s looking down to his left, and hermione’s looking up at the reader. the book includes images of the characters in action, as well as more ornate details such as a frog riding on harry’s head.

two pillars that bind the harry potter stories are magic and hogwarts. the first is the magic that is so loved and so required by the wizards. the second is the notion of a unique educational and training ground, which teaches the basic elements of magic. in both cases, the book covers have to present a clear visual reference to these key aspects. and so, when creating the covers of harry potter e la pietra filosofale ita avi, we worked on the building elements and the main story. for example, the gates of hogwarts castle, the house signs, the hogwarts express and the clock tower are all elements that readers recognise from the book. but we also tried to reflect some of the magic of the story and depict it in a clear way. to do this, we placed a wizard’s wand on the covers, on the spines of the book and on a flight attendant. we also wanted to include elements that are important to our work on the series such as hedwig, harrys acceptance letter, the gringotts key and the hogwarts crest.
the new twentieth anniversary cover released last month in taiwan for the complex chinese edition by crown publishing is elegant and focused, drawing on key elements from the story: hedwig, the hogwarts express and the hogwarts crest most prominently, but more to see if you look closely. not one, but two, illustrators worked on it the creative team of krenz and loiza: for our new original cover of the complex chinese edition of harry potter and the philosophers stone, we drew many elements that are popular with readers such as hedwig, the platform nine and three-quarters sign, the hogwarts express, a luggage trolley, harrys hogwarts acceptance letter, a gringotts key, a wand and a hogwarts crest; all decoratively joined together. aside from the cover, the book spines of the new seven editions put together, also show an image of harry as he flies over hogwarts alongside hedwig. we avoided depicting characters on the covers because we believe we all have our own versions of harry potter. imagination is the greatest joy harry potter gave us, so we hope that these new covers will depict the story while letting readers keep their imaginative interpretations of it too.


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