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Welcome to Roblox!
The world’s most flexible gaming experience.
Roblox gives you the creative freedom to build anything you can imagine with hundreds of building blocks. The possibilities are endless. As a player, you’ll enjoy wildly creative games with friends in a unique social experience. Or make your own games to play alone. Create worlds to explore with friends or challenge a global community to a game of Roblox.
Roblox games come in a variety of different genres such as racing, adventures, building, creative, sandbox, and many more.

More games on Roblox

Play the most popular Roblox games on your iPhone, iPad, Android, and Android tablet. Browse our catalog of free game apps that are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, and Android Tablet for any platform.

Platform Games

Play these fast-paced, action-packed platform games. These games feature Mario, Sonic, Fire Mario, Mega Man, or Star Fox. Play against the computer or with friends in your favorite 2 player or 4 player mode.

Sci-Fi Games

Play these alien invasion simulations on your phone. Send spaceships to attack the enemy bases and drive them off of the planet. Feel the exploding effect of the alien technology!Our new series looking at each team’s most recent trade and the significance of the trade being made. Is this a blockbuster or a modest pickup?

Teams trade every day. Sometimes they make minor moves to maintain cap flexibility, and sometimes they make blockbuster moves to acquire or protect assets in the form of picks, prospects or players with significant trade value. This year, the trade market has been active, and Arizona has made one.

Wednesday morning, the Coyotes traded center Antoine Vermette to the Chicago Blackhawks for forward Alex Tuch and a 2017 second round pick. The Blackhawks did not acquire any other assets in the deal, meaning this is strictly an asset swap. Tuch and Vermette each had about $4 million cap hits and their contract term would run through next season, meaning Vermette’s price tag is higher than what it was two years ago. Vermette was a fourth-line center, making him a marginal fit on the team’s top two lines.

In Tuch, the Blackhawks got a top six centerman with a similar cap hit. Tuch has just 35 points in 211 NHL games. The 26-year


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With Roblox, kids can use their imagination to create anything that they can imagine. Play a musical. paint a masterpiece, write a book, make love to their lover – the only limit is their imagination.Q:

TCP Sockets for.NET

I’m creating a multiplayer game using.NET, and for that I want to use TCP sockets (I know it’s not the most common, but I have to use UDP for some reasons).
First of all, do I need to create any extra classes to manage the sockets? And is it possible to create objects for the sockets using an instance of System.Net.Sockets.Socket instead of System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient?
Thanks for any help.


In the System.Net namespace you find plenty classes dealing with TCP/IP communications, many of them just abstract the netlib socket objects, while others provide you the access to the functionality of the underlying operating system (mostly, Microsoft Windows).
For example, you can use the StreamSocket class, which encapsulates a SOCKET socket and provides you with the ability to send/receive data on it. There are other classes which provide simplified access to the underlying interface, for instance NetworkStream or TcpClient, but you should know that it’s not a cross-platform feature (at least as far as I know), which means that any operating system that you’re going to deal with should provide you their own implementation of them.
Basically, you’re free to use any of them as long as you know that your application


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