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SWF To Screensaver Scout is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you create screensavers (EXE or SCR file format) using multiple Flash files.
Straightforward layout
You are welcomed by a well-organized set of functions that allows you to perform several actions, such as extract Flash files, create EXE packages, as well play the clips directly in the main window.
Grabbing Flash items from the Internet and customization options
SWF To Screensaver Scout gives you the possibility to download and extract Flash files from a user-defined URL or automatically scan Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome, as well as a custom folder from your computer for grabbing multiple Flash items.
The program allows you to play or stop the current selection, switch to a full screen mode, seek for a position in the video streams, activate the loop function, enable the automatic playing mode, as well as go to the previous or next Flash item from the list.
What’s more, you may create a list with favorite Flash clips, sort items by name, date, or size, set the current Flash item as your wallpaper, send links via email, pick the background color, use hotkeys for a better control over the entire process, and extract images from Flash movies.
Screensaver configuration settings
There are several tweaking parameters built to help you specify the title and version for the screensaver, pick an icon, add information about copyright, publisher, and URLs, encrypt data by setting up passwords, preview the screensaver, and generate an EXE file or export the project to SCR file format.
Additionally, you can configure settings that refer to icons, license, and readme files, choose the background color, install a Flash plug-in on the target computer in case is needed, specify the languages, and enable the language automatic detection mode.
Bottom line
All in all, SWF To Screensaver Scout offers support for a powerful feature pack for helping you generate screensavers.
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SWF To Screensaver Scout Review –
Easy to use

SWF To Screensaver Scout Review –
Easy to use –
If you are an experienced user of SWF to Screensaver Scout, then the program can be a new tool in your toolbox. The program allows you to create screensavers (SCR, EXE file format) using multiple Flash 0cd6e936a3

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