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Before the extended use of DVDs, video CDs were the first mediums used in distributing movies on optical discs. VCD is a format that with passing time has become less used and has lost the greater part of software developers that catered to applications which deal with it.
There are though some applications that have “survived” and still allow you to play VCDs. Lalim VCD Player is a very lightweight application designed to play video CDs in a simple manner.
It displays a more than comprehensive interface which makes it usable by anyone, regardless of their experience with computers. You get a straightforward design that places all the control buttons for video playback in plain sight. With Lalim VCD Player it’s possible to play, pause, adjust the volume and browse through the movie using a seek bar.
Another thing that Lalim VCD Player can do is play audio CDs that are loaded into your drive. You are provided with a front panel that displays 18 buttons which you can click and the application plays the track located at that position on the CD. It’s a nice little feature which at that time made the player stand out. Now, the lack of an actual playlist is not so easily overlooked.
A thing that is unwillingly going to render Lalim VCD Player extinct, is the fact that it can only play movies that are located on a disc. You don’t have the possibility to load a video file from your computer and since CD’s are slowly taking the place of floppy discs, it won’t be long until Lalim VCD Player becomes another example of what once was.
In closing, if you have a VCD laying around your attic or in a box in the garage, you can definitely pop it in your disc drive and let Lalim VCD Player do it’s job.


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With Lalim VCD Player Activation Code you can play video CDs that are stored on any kind of CD-ROM. You can even load audio CDs which is something that is not very common. The best thing about this app is the fact that it is easy to use. A lot of people will certainly appreciate the fact that it allows you to control your CDs. It’s not a very extensive playlist but it’s better than having no playlist at all.

It has a simple interface and can be used on any operating system that allows you to run.exe files. The interface is very plain and intuitive so that you don’t have to worry about getting lost when you start using it. The interface consists of a main window with a track list. When you click on a track it is played in a separate window. There are 18 buttons on the main window that you can click on to adjust the audio and video playback. It’s obvious that the playback speed can be changed using the play/pause button. The application also has a selection menu that allows you to skip to specific areas of the video. It is definitely not the most sophisticated application on the market but if you need to use a CD player that you just found in a garage, then you definitely should give Lalim VCD Player a try.

Lolbit VCD player:Lolbit VCD player is a very small application which allows you to play video CDs in an easy to use manner. The VCD player comes with an easy to use interface that shows the track list in the first window. This is done using a transparent window with buttons that the user clicks on in order to change the playback speed and go to a different part of the video.
The second window that is displayed when you click on a track is very basic in terms of layout. It consists of a play button which plays the currently selected video and a pause button that pauses the playback. This makes it very easy to use and there is nothing else that needs to be adjusted when you want to start playing the video.
The application is basically an easy to use front end for the VCD player application which comes with the operating system. This means that you don’t have to install anything else in order to use it. The application comes with a built-in playlist which allows you to skip to specific areas of the CD. The application is not very sophisticated in terms of what it can do. You can view the track list but that’s

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Video players are media players. They play and view videos but they are usually limited in other features. Many come with a little feature list. This includes support for the most popular formats. For example, Windows Media Player can play most video formats and can even record and play back videos. Windows Media Player is the most popular video player in the world.
Video viewers, such as Windows Media Player, can also play videos, but they are often limited to their own little niche. They can’t play many files or formats, or there may be very few media players that support a particular file format.
The most obvious difference between a video player and viewer is that you can find and download many free video players. Usually, video viewers cannot be used to watch videos. There are many free video players, such as Windows Media Player. There are many other video players, but almost all are fairly heavy and not very user friendly. Video viewers, such as Windows Media Player, are free, but they cannot play videos.
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A video viewer is media player, a software program you use to find, download and play videos.
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Videogui 1.0 is a video player with a user friendly interface. It is fast, easy to use and supports all of the video formats. You can even download videos to your computer.
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VCD was developed with the goal of making VCD play more easily. It is a small and easy to use VCD player. You can open, play, pause, stop, skip, fast forward, rewind or go back through your video clips easily. It will also play.vcd,.vcdi and.vcdz video clips. It is an important feature because not every video CD player allows you to play the content of a VCD-DVD.
The application comes with an easy to use menu with many useful functions. It shows detailed information of your video clips, including video title, date, video and audio duration, size, etc. It will also show the menu, if you want to get to the next video clip of a video CD. You can play, pause, stop, skip, rewind, fast forward and go back through your video clips easily. It has also got a very useful and comprehensive layout.

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What’s New in the Lalim VCD Player?

VCD Player is a great tool for playing video CDs.

User Software Ratings


Thinking about buying? Thinking about how the software works? Thinking about the support? Thinking about the rating? Thinking about the update?

If you’re still reading at this point, you can’t be too choosy, can you?

“Think about it this way,” says the vendor. “On your old tape recorder you can only record a maximum of eight hours of TV. You have to get the batteries changed at five o’clock and by six o’clock you’ve still got only eight hours to record. That’s just too slow. But if you have a videotape, and you can record a whole day in eight hours, that’s fantastic.

“With Video CDs you can put anything on them, and as they get larger – and we know that DVD’s will have larger disks in the future – you can put just as much on them as a whole tape. And it’s much more convenient.

“There are other advantages as well, not just the convenience. On a normal videotape you get quite a lot of ‘dead air’ when you’re watching the tape. But with Video CDs, most of the time there’s nothing there. You won’t notice this – and if you want to get the full effect, you really have to watch the discs. But we don’t think that most people are going to do that. Most people are just going to view it once and then throw it away.

“And you know what, they’re right. That’s a good thing. Because if people watched their videos more often, they’d get a lot more use from them. And as you get more use out of them, you’re going to get even more enjoyment from it.

“That’s the whole point of Video CDs – they can last you for a long, long time. You can take them away with you, take them to a friend’s house – and they’ll always have them. And you can keep going back to them, as often as you like, for as long as you like. That’s why we made them.

“So, if you’re thinking about purchasing, you should get it with no questions asked. Because we think that in the long term, the advantages of Video CDs will be recognised. In fact, we’re even making some extra money out of them, so we can expand into new areas.

“And we know that you’ll love them. They’re very much worth considering.”

“If you have a Videotape recorder, you can record a maximum of eight hours of TV on a normal videotape. But with Video CDs you can put anything on them and as they get larger (and we know that DVD’s will have larger disks in the future), you can put just as much on them as a

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP 1600+
Memory: 256MB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 10MB
DirectX Version: 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX 9-compliant sound card
How to Install:
1) Unzip the file to a location of your choice.
2) Burn or mount the ISO and run setup.exe.

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