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Malayalam Spoken English Book Pdf Free Download

Today, Malayalam is spoken by nearly 17 million people in Kerala (population: 42 million), Tamil Nadu (population: 60 million) and Karnataka (population: 52 million). The first Malayalam books were written in the fifth century by the Indian mathematician-trader (Silpa) Pallava, who introduced Brahmi (the first written Indian script) and who also established the range of the first Malayalam script.

Pronunciation of Malayalam is based on a vowel system that is phonetic (the same sound that you make when you speak is written the same way). You learn to pronounce a Malayalam consonant the way you pronounce the consonant in English. Sometimes you even pronounce the last sound of a syllable slightly different from the way you pronounce the same consonant elsewhere in the same syllable. This is called appoggi (putting). The letters and syllables are spelled as they sound and the vowel sounds are the way they are pronounced.

If you are a teacher of English, reading this book is an effective way to improve your teaching and to be able to recognise your students mistakes and pronunciation mistakes. If you are a reader, you can learn more about this language. Sometimes it is the most difficult part of the book where it keeps you addicted. Both teachers and students will benefit from this book.

Anand K. Srivastava has recently received an ESRC-funded PhD at the Centre for Research in Writing, School of Education, University of Glasgow. His work as a poet, a facilitator of creative writing sessions, and a tutor in English, includes: Overcoming the Academics: a personal memoir of academic life at a Scottish university; English-for-Young-People series: for readers with learners aged 6 to 12; and a study on students learning English as a foreign language in universities in Scotland. His first book will be published on 7thJuly: called ‘Sending and Receiving: a Study of Global Migration’, it is a study of how freedom enables the encounter between migrants and the receiving communities in Scotland and Italy.

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Whether you are learning Malayalam because you want to study with the language, try to get a job or work in an organisation where it is spoken, or because you want to immerse yourself in the culture, there are plenty of ways to learn.
You can search through the web resources that are available for free. Learn how to download so many different resources for free. You can download Free Pdf Books in many different formats. Just select the pdf format and load into your device.

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