Samantha Blau

My name is Sami Blau and I graduated from Syracuse University with a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Biology. I have decided to continue my education at Syracuse University earning an MS in Biotechnology. I have two main interest in Biotechnology which are conservation genetics and neurology. A fun fact about me is that I lived in Barcelona for four months!.

Pulkit Choudhary

Hi, I'm Pulkit. I'm a biotech enthusiast and a contributor of scientific writings related to prominent biotech topics. My academics include a post-graduation in biotechnology, a good share in research work, and thesis development as well. In my spare time I love listening to music.

Mickey Seal

Hi! My name is Mickey and I have a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UWA. My desired position is a Biotechnologist. My favorite topic is Space biotechnology as I find it so intriguing that modern biology can be applied to advance space exploration! A fun fact about me is that I can eat 25 chicken nuggets in 1 minute.

Justin Quiles

Justin is due to graduate from West Virginia University in May 2021 with a bachelors of science degree in Public Health and a minor in Biology. He will enter graduate school to obtain a Professional Science Masters degree in Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship. His favorite topic in Biotechnology is the evolving field of precision public health.

Siddhant Kamat

Siddhant Kamat is a biotechnology graduate from the University of Mumbai. Biotechnology inspires him as he feels that it holds the answers for most of mankind’s current problems. Siddhant desires to use his knowledge and skills in the field to join a biomedical research lab/hospital and learn from experienced researchers in the field.

Jhil Patel

My name is Jhil Patel. Currently I’m doing my under graduation in Biotechnology from St Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad. My desired position is to work as a Scientist and to exemplify my SciComm skills. Some of my favorite topics in biotechnology are: Oncology, Genetics, and Synthetic Biology. My ardent desire is to apply my knowledge in the form of a product, communication, or research.

Ali Jafri

Hi everyone, I'm a fourth-year undergraduate majoring in applied biosciences. My main areas of interest (at least for now), are epigenetics, behavioral genetics, quantum biology, and astrobiology. I hope to become a PI one day, run my own lab and do all kinds of cool experiments! Fun fact: I suck at archery, but I only do it to look cool.

Maria Palacios

I am Maria Fernanda Palacios, I am from Mexico. I study Biotechnology Engineering in Tecnológico de Monterrey where I’ve been in a research project for two years. I would love to be in the field of research. My favorite topic in Biotechnology is molecular biology and bioremediation. And as a fun fact, my last meal on Earth would be Tacos dorados.

Somya Mehrotra

Somya Mehrotra is a Science Writer and is currently pursuing Master's in Biotechnology from India. Her keen interest is in the field of Cancer Biology and Epigenetics. She likes to read and write poetry in her free time. One thing on her bucket list includes travelling more and more to less explored places just to watch the sunsets.


Vishnu is a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology student at UC Santa Cruz. In college, he plans to explore various subjects such as sustainability and anthropology. He is interested in environmental biotechnology, more specifically in areas of renewable energy and pollution control. Following university, he hopes to do research in ecology prior to applying for an environmental law program.