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I have the solution for my problem. Based on my research I found that this question was already posted. The other answer was that the Realtek drivers were already installed.

Here is my solution. I am only guessing what it is doing so let me know if this works for you.

Closed out all other audio software. Only free Spotify.
Removed all C and C++ compilers from my computer.
Reinstalled visual studio 2015 and 2017.
Reinstalled all my missing audio drivers.
Reinstalled the original default audio drivers from windows.
Rebooted my computer.


I had the same problem. It is a bug in microsoft Visual Studio 2017. How can you fix it:

close all programs and files associated with Visual Studio.
go to start, type devenv and open it from the menu
in the left top corner of the devenv window type properties
in the property windows check the tab for “open and save files”
reload Visual Studio.

Indications for selective coronary angiography: a critical reappraisal.
To evaluate the basis for selective versus routine coronary angiography in patients undergoing investigation of various types of chest pain, we analyzed the results of 3,679 coronary angiographic studies in 3,113 patients who did not have classic angina pectoris (AP) or had been referred for investigation of noncoronary causes of chest pain. Ischemic heart disease was defined as the presence of one or more luminal stenosis greater than or equal to 50% of the diameter or coronary arteries with intracoronary collaterals or a “high grade” lateral artery lesion as determined by the severity of the disease. Patients without a demonstrable coronary stenosis were classified as having a nonischemic condition. Of 3,679 coronary angiographic studies, 2,334 were done selectively and 1,345 were done routinely in patients referred for investigation of various noncoronary chest pain syndromes. In this population, 300 (10.5%) patients had AP. Of the 3,679 patients, 1,05

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