Of The People: A History Of The United States, Volume 1: To 1877, With Sources Download !!HOT!!.zip

Of The People: A History Of The United States, Volume 1: To 1877, With Sources Download !!HOT!!.zip

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Of The People: A History Of The United States, Volume 1: To 1877, With Sources Download.zip

while the text is a bit heavy on political and military history, students will find that it provides a very useful framework for understanding american history. they will find that the material is written in a very accessible manner, and students should be able to read the book without having to dig through academic or scholarly texts to understand the content.

the only real flaw with the text is that it is not yet vetted for use in class. as such, it does have some typos and minor errors. there are some sections where the student will have to read between the lines to understand the history and culture being discussed. while this text will do the trick for students, they should be aware that it is not yet ready for use in class.

to be honest, i was a little scared of this textbook. it seemed like a textbook written by some of the best people in the country for the best universities in the country. it was going to be so good that i was not going to be able to follow it. i was wrong. this book is not scholarly; instead, it is an easy, informative read. it is very well organized and very easy to follow. it is easy to understand and even easier to read. it is not filled with endless jargon; instead, it is filled with facts and interesting anecdotes. the book is written very well, and the writing is clear and concise. the book is also very well organized, and the organization is easy to follow. i was pleasantly surprised to find that this book was written by ten scholars, and they are joined by three graduate students who have written several chapters. the book is dedicated to the late professor, historian, and editor, edward c. carr, who passed away in january, 2015. his dedication to his community and his students is evident in the many and varied things he has done to support the students and faculty of the university of minnesota.

im delighted that the textbook starts by establishing context in the americas, europe, and africa but am disturbed by the assertion of a european discovery narrative. the word discovery is, of course, inaccurate unless the authors are assuming the primacy of the european experience. in other words, the language contradicts the structure. in addition, in chapters 4-6, the experiences and perspective of native americans gets lost in favor of the british perspective. in addition, it would be useful in chapter 8 to mention what happened to those enslaved people who fought for the british in exchange for emancipation. i always cringe a bit at the side-barring of marginalized groups as in when they place a discussion of womens rights and suffrage in the sidebar in chapter 9.
the text is being released in a beta format, meaning that while the first edition will be a complete version of the text, there will be an open period in which the publisher will incorporate feedback from teachers and students. there will also be an open commenting period on the sites and amazon platforms where the text is being made available. as such, the book is not fully vetted and does have a few minor glitches. there are also a few typos and other errors. overall, i found the book to be well written and a very good read. it would have been much stronger if the cultural history was provided in a more robust manner and the social and political history was more well-rounded in its treatment of the topics.
this book is going to be very helpful to students as they work through the first half of a semester of social and cultural history. the presentation style and organization is a bit different, and while the text will not be a standalone source, it will provide a very useful framework for students to work through the material. the text is available on the amazon platform for $35.00, and this will get you the first edition of the book. no pre-ordering is needed for this book.


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