Oracle Crystal Ball Crack ((LINK))

Oracle Crystal Ball Crack ((LINK))

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Oracle Crystal Ball Crack

i have been trying to find out why my crystal broke recently. i dont feel much resonance with it, but i do feel a need for it. i am wondering if it means that i am trying to get it out of me, that i am trying to put it into a different situation? do you have any other ideas as to why it would have broken? if you dont mind me asking.. are you planning to make a video?

hi, i have a couple of questions:
1) i have a dusty rose quartz that has a hole in it where its been chipped. i have been using it for energy work to heal my gut. i have a feeling that it is important and i would like to heal it. what do you think?
2) i also have a crystal that is broken at the top and i am seeing it as a lost. i have been using it for healing and to send healing energy to a friend who is ill. shes been really sick and i have been using the crystal for energy work. when i gave it to her, it was all black. i cleaned it and tried to charge it again. it doesnt feel the same. is it worth giving it back?
3) i have a chakra crystal that i am seeing as not being in my energy. is it worth keeping it or should i return it to the source?
4) i have been using a crystal skull to heal my gut and got a gift of a crystal skull recently. i am finding it difficult to use the crystal skull because its dark and i cant see the energy inside it. what would you suggest?
thanks and keep up the good work.

ive had a strong intuition to purchase rose quartz, i have always believed in the beauty and power of this crystal. ive been told by loving psychic that i am to be more aware of my rose quartz and to be gentle with it. however, i have been buying rose quartz in my local stores and a few months later i noticed a crack in the heart of my rose quartz. i now live in a different state and am no longer able to purchase this crystal locally. i have been trying to find a source online, but haven’t been able to get anything that isn’t extremely expensive or natural in origin. do you think this is a sign from the universe that i am not supposed to get this crystal again and is there a way that i can bring back the strength and power of the rose quartz to help with my intuition?

im from brazil. i bought a beautiful large crystal ball about a year ago. i have been carrying it around with me for more than a year, it has been my good luck charm. but about a week ago my band slipped and it fell on the ground. i picked it up, without thinking what to do, took it out of the case, and put it back inside. a few days later i went to buy a new band for the crystal. i saw an embroidery bag and inside the bag was a round crystal. i bought it and it is beautiful. the same day i bought the crystal, i lost my phone, while i was inside a metro station. i went out and asked around if someone had seen my phone and the person that found it said that she had found it inside the bag. i took it home with me and put it on my desk and left. the same day i lost the phone, i started to have physical problems in my arm, that didnt go away, until today.
i bought a piece of jade to add to my personal crystal collection. i just got it today and i was wondering if i could use it for another purpose in the future? the shop told me i had to wash it with soap and water before i could use it for another purpose. im afraid if i do that i will get rid of its special meaning, and it will cease to be a crystal.
hi, im new to the crystal world, and i got the freebie of a 5-8mm rose quartz that was given to me. i want to use it to help me in a healing process. do you think it would be okay to wear it? and what do you think about using it with chakra colors of red or orange? thanks!
i have a crystal necklace that i have worn for years that has started to have a crack in it. its a round pink quartz with a red line going through it. i have never noticed that it was cracking and thought it was worn out. recently i have been using it to help me focus at work and my husband has told me that it helps him a lot. i would like to know if i can get more use out of it or if i should get rid of it. i cant bring myself to get rid of it, and it really helps.

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