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Philip Pullman His Dark Materials Trilogy Epub Download

after his dark materials, pullman released a series of books in the lion, the witch and the wardrobe, the subtle knife, the amber spyglass, the amber spyglass and the golden compass, which was written for a younger audience. the subtle knife was inspired by the legend of the holy grail. in the novel, the holy grail is stolen by two children, who are in turn attacked by a witch. the two children are saved by a witch who is, in fact, a being of light named godelieve. the children give the holy grail to godelieve who, in turn, gives it to her servant, a dwarf named voll, who takes it with him when he is cast into the far distant future. pullman was inspired by the legend of the holy grail when he wrote the book, because when he wrote the first part of the book, he felt like he was writing a childrens story but the second part was writing a fairy tale. the book received great acclaim and was a finalist for the carnegie medal for children’s literature.

phillip pullman has won many awards for his adult writing. in 1996, pullman published his first adult novel, lyra’s oxford, a novel set in oxford, england. the book was followed by the subtle knife which was published in 2001. in 2003, his dark materials was published. in 2004, the amber spyglass and northern lights were released. this series is the first in a trilogy.

his dark materials has been made into a movie, the first book in the trilogy is the epic 1997 film the golden compass. the movie stars dakota blue richards as lyra and daniel craig as lord asriel. in the film, lyra is voiced by dakota blue richards and the professor/lord asriel is portrayed by daniel craig. the film follows the same plot as the book, although it is more action-packed. it also introduces the concept of dust, which is a substance which can be used to communicate and travel across distances in parallel universes.


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