Pirox Fishbot 4.3.4 ((HOT)) 🎆

Pirox Fishbot 4.3.4 ((HOT)) 🎆


Pirox Fishbot 4.3.4

released april 22, 2014

pirox fishbot 4.3.4 is now available!

this release fixes an issue that can cause a node.js error

and provides new features.

more information on this release can be found here:

note that if your deployment is in git, you can use the following command to update to this version:

$ git checkout -b pirox4.4

a list of changes can be found here.

best wishes,

the pirox team

©2012-2017 pirox, inc.

pirox fishbot is licensed under the apache 2.0 license.

sorting of this release of the pirox fishbot:

  • the module number and version are fixed for all modules.
  • corrected a bug in the module number renumbering.
  • reverted a bug in the localisation of the module name.
  • corrected some deprecation warnings.
  • corrected a bug in the module name renumbering.
  • reverted a bug in the manual renumbering of modules.
  • reverted a bug in the module text alignment.
  • reverted a bug in the module renumbering.

sorting of this release of the pirox fishbot:

  • the module number and version are fixed for all modules.
  • localisation fixes
  • reverted some bugs in the module renumbering.
  • reverted a bug in the module text alignment.
  • reverted a bug in the module renumbering.

the last major version of pirox. new features include:

  • new user-interface, based on the dash project.
  • support for grimes data format.
  • two new architectures, cpu only and gpu (cuda).
  • another new functionality, the ability to make all the parameters and the input stream dynamic.
  • major bugfixes and corrections, including the ability to enable and disable the usb-connected camera.
  • support for ros indipendent packages.

pirox is a small software “fish” that’s designed to help you track your personal fish-keeping efforts. it generates graphs and statistics about your fish. it also tells you how many fish you have, how many fish you have reared, and how many fish you have eaten. pirox 4.3.4 is the latest release of pirox. it contains many bug fixes and improvements, and also includes the automatic conversion of the output of the older versions of pirox to the new format. the manual is available in html format, and has been included in this release of pirox.
before you start using pirox, you need to convert all old pirox data into the new format. this is done automatically when you start pirox. however, if you want to convert your old data manually, here’s the procedure: 1. close all open pirox windows. 2. open your favourite editor. 3. delete the entries in your files that have the following format: where domain is a string of the form: where user is the name of a user in your home directory, and name is the name of the fish that the data refers to. if a file has more than one line of data in this format, it needs to be converted. 4. copy all of the above text to a file, and edit the file to look like this: where domain is the same as above, and the new version of the data has the same name as the old version. 5. convert the data in the old data file to the new format. in the example above, the file that’s copied in step 4 looks like this: so, the data in this file is in the new format.


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