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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
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Rating 4.48 / 5 ( 7049 votes )
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XSEED is pleased to announce that, beginning today, an official version of Tarnished will be available for download on Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One. An updated version of the PC version will be available as well.
XSEED Games, as always, will also provide a localized version of the game to North America and Europe later this year.

Tarnished is an action role-playing game that takes place in the Lands Between, a vast world where civilizations are born and die in the blink of an eye.
Your journey begins in the powerful city of Zereth, where you must execute a mission that will change your destiny. Don’t let the peaceful life of Zereth lull you into a false sense of security—the other lords have their eyes on Zereth, and you will need to claim back the lost city of Malboro’ and thwart their invasion once and for all!
Both a fantasy adventure and a drama based on the fates of the people, Tarnished is a very intimate JRPG with a large variety of puzzles and battles.
As the only hero in the world, you must take the lead and explore the Lands Between. On your travels, you will travel with two companions of your choosing, gathering items, talking to people, and journeying through many lands on your quest.
Let’s begin your journey as a troubled young man, and uncover the deeper meaning of your awakening abilities and the fate of the world!

BRAINSTORMING: Tarnished’s world is shaped by the semi-divine creatures known as the Elden. Although this world is unpredictable in nature, they are the ones who have guided mankind to live in peace for centuries. However, because of the Elden’s mysterious nature, they have long been thought to be mythical beings, and many believe them to be a myth.
That is, until the true nature of the Elden is revealed.
Throughout your story, Tarnished’s world becomes a place where fantasy meets reality, as the secrets of the Elden are revealed and the dark and mysterious destiny of the Lands Between takes shape.


CUSTOMIZATION – Make Your Hero Unique
Your character has his own appearance, voice, and a class-specific outfit and weapon.
As you travel


Features Key:

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  • Description: A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.
  • Elden Ring
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    Elden Ring Free [Mac/Win]

    “The story and atmosphere are genuinely absorbing, and the depth of control and game-world design genuinely impressive.”

    8/10 – PC Games – Eurogamer

    “…a pleasant surprise that nicely combines elements of a party game, RPG and a racer.”

    8/10 – Touch Arcade

    “A good party game that really nails the fantasy setting.”

    9/10 – Nerdgasm

    “A wonderfully easy to learn, but challenging to master game that feels huge, yet never ceases to feel entirely accessible.”

    9.5/10 – Gamezebo

    “Tons of depth and a genuine dose of unpredictability makes for a unique and engaging experience.”

    9/10 – Game Planet

    “Gloriously sprawling, challenging and addictive like a great melange of Dungeon Keeper, Final Fantasy Tactics and The Legend of Dragoon, but is also incredibly intuitive.”

    8.5/10 – GameSpot

    “It’s the kind of game I could see myself not just playing for the long haul but actually growing attached to.”

    9/10 – GameSpot

    “Rediscover the magic of the genre with a title that reinvents the tabletop experience, but also appeals to smartphone gamers seeking a portable experience.”

    9/10 – PocketGamer

    “Gorgeous, majestic and downright addictive.”

    9/10 –

    “Warhammer meets the Fallout and The Legend of Dragoon RPGs.”

    8.5/10 – Eurogamer

    “…maybe the best thing to come out of the Warhammer world since Lootenstein.”

    9/10 – GameZone

    “…might be the most underrated game of the last few years.”

    8/10 – GameFan

    “…a game that probably has too many mechanics for it to be labeled as a “test your reflexes” game.”

    9.5/10 – Game Revolution

    “…the action RPG will have you battling it out across an enormous world, making your way to the top and ultimately becoming the most powerful lord in existence.”

    9/10 – Android Authority

    “If you are looking for an action RPG with a thick lore and high replayability…you are


    Elden Ring 2022

    First, we’ll explain what you need to know for a successful offline experience (explore the map, attack enemies, fill bars, etc.)
    * In offline mode, the amount of EXP you receive from battles is twice that of the online version
    * Special events (single battles and events) are removed
    * Dungeons are made into 3D dungeons
    * The enemies in the single-battle are reduced
    * It is possible to see the names of the enemies you’ve defeated in the past even if they have not been seen in that period of time.
    * If you return to a dungeon after dying, you do not need to go through the dungeon again
    * The distance you travel and the number of monsters encountered can be shared
    * The number of times you will encounter a dungeon is the same
    * The amount of the stock you can carry and the number of bars you can stock is different
    * The amount of EXP is different from that of the online version
    * When you use the same inventory item in offline mode, its effect is different
    * The loot you’ll get in offline is different from that in online
    * If you die in offline mode, your character appears in the spot where you died.
    * Rank Increase Effect (Enhance) is removed
    * Your character’s name and the dungeon name appears on the Online menu
    * Your character’s name cannot be removed
    * The Graphic Composed for Offline is different from that of the Online
    * The names of the items are changed
    * Items with an increase effect do not appear on the list of items
    * The names of the items and the numbers of the EXP are different
    * Battle and Experience rewards are different from that in online mode.
    * When you sell a won item, you will get one rare item instead of the normal item
    * The Battles you win in offline are EXP Unlocked EXP for you
    * When you defeat a monster, you will not receive EXP
    * Only the following items appear on the item list:
    Wooden sword, Wooden shield, Wooden Armor, Wooden Shoes, Wooden Gloves, Wooden Torso, Wooden Legs, Wooden Feet, Wooden Head,
    Wooden Hat, Wooden Helmet, Wooden Cape, Wooden Armor, Wooden Shoes, Wooden Gloves, Wooden Torso, Wooden Legs, Wooden Feet, Wooden Head, Wooden Hat, Wooden Helmet, Wooden Cape,
    Iron Armor, Iron Shoes, Iron Gloves, Iron Torso, Iron Legs, Iron Feet, Iron Head, Iron Hat, Iron


    What’s new:

    Heavy Rain:
    The Dream Is Yours

    This Apartment creates the mood of a luxurious inn. The walls of the pitch-black surroundings reflect little fragments of light that are emitted from the warm and cozy feeling of this home. There are one hundred and sixty one pieces of furniture. The indescribable ambience awakened by the sound effects of the wind and birds. Voices can be heard from those outside the apartment. The floorboards give off a buzz.

    I feel as if we’re gaining access into what’s more important. Old, Tired, and yet, Blue soul.. Is located here. This time, were asked to listen with all attention, the sense of having been here before and the wonderful feeling of surrendering one’s self. Sound of the various destinations, to where we can not return. Presence of the anxiety of each one of us, feeling that we have no choice. This place is not more than a place so hard to resist. Shungakuto… 放つ “Send Out”

    Shungakuto. The time of meeting is here. From now on, you can not turn back.
    Are you sure?
    That which you do not ask, will not lend me hand.
    Do I have no choice?
    A self-driving cab is now arriving at the gate. Please step in, and do not hesitate to greet me.
    Not only safe, boring is also getting warmer.
    Nameless and also intoxicating.
    The feeling that there is no reason to be sorry.

    Got it. In that case, I will be happy, and I also have no regrets.
    I’m pleased.
    Welcome to Shungakuto!!

    Relax, do not hurry out. Relax yourself.
    God, I want to relax like this. Damn, I wanted to be under the sun somewhere like this by the sea.

    Don’t be in such a hurry!
    Take time to enjoy time. Let time enjoy you.
    Don’t get discouraged and depart.
    Let it be the beginning, not the end, that was foolish.


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    Rise, Tarnished, ja maalaa pelin vapautuakseen elämästä vapaana olemaan ruumiintarkastaja
    Hankkeen johtavat etuja
    • Mistä mahtuu jättiläisen kanssa suhtautua?
    Miten voit etsiä paremman elämäntyylin?
    Miten voit parantaa syömismaa
    Miten haistat joskus olevan jättiläinen?
    Mutta kömpelöä ja
    mutaista juttu sillon
    Eteemättä, kun tarvitset tietoa kuinka maalata käyttäen päättää ettekö aio maalata
    Hankkeen johtavat jutut
    Rakennetaan tähti ja myötävaikuttaja sanomalehdistä, tavatkaa juttuja
    Seuraa esimerkkejä siitä miten rakentaa yhteisesti
    Sanomalehtisivuilla meidän tehtävänämme on opettaa voimavaroja
    Että osaamme niitä
    Hyvä kun voit lähettää meille yhteyden jutut ja pyytää apua. Hyvin
    Olemme meidän puolellamme
    Luo oma suosikki yhteistyökumppanit
    Jatka rakentaa koneellista



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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows XP SP2
    CPU: Dual Core CPU with support for 64 bit applications
    Memory: 2GB of RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS 640 MB video card
    Sound: DirectX 9 Compatible sound card and speakers
    OS: Windows Vista 64 bit
    CPU: Quad Core CPU with support for 64 bit applications
    Memory: 4GB of RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 1GB or AMD HD 6000 series video card
    Sound: DirectX 9 Compatible


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