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anyone please tell me what’s going on?


After some hours I finally found out the problem. I just had to disable the Norton AntiVirus on my machine. My Norton account was deactivated and because of the outstanding threads, I got a message from a Norton employee, saying I had a virus.

I got it from here.
I reinstalled Norton, I knew that would help (I’d already done that yesterday), but I wasn’t completely sure about that. It’s working like a charm now. I hope this helps anyone else who has this problem.
Actually, I’m not too happy with the Norton reply :/

Sonographic diagnosis of penetrating interatrial communication in neonates.
Interatrial communication is not a rare congenital heart defect. In contrast to other congenital heart diseases, interatrial communication is usually not diagnosed at birth. However, it may develop insidiously and may present with symptoms such as dyspnea, cyanosis, and/or heart failure. In the present study, we investigated the prevalence of interatrial communication in asymptomatic neonates. We prospectively evaluated, by sonography, the prevalence of interatrial communication in a normal population of neonates. Follow-up examinations were performed at regular intervals in these neonates. In case of dyspnea, cyanosis, or heart failure, a definitive diagnosis was established. From 2010 to 2012, we enrolled 5340 asymptomatic neonates (5202-50-53 weeks of gestation; mean, 51.2 +/- 4.5 weeks; gestational age range, 35.5-53.5 weeks). In 21 neonates (0.39%), echocardiography showed an interatrial communication. The diagnosis was confirmed by catheterization or surgery in five of the 21 neonates. Only one patient had previously been treated by surgical correction of an atrial septal defect. We enrolled 51 of the 5340 neonates (0.97%) into the follow-up group. The follow-up interval was 15.5 +/- 11 months (range, 2-37 months). Interatrial communication might be present in asymptomatic neonates. Based on our data, these asymptomatic neonates did not show any systemic or pulmonary disease. Echocardiography was useful in detecting interatrial communication in asymptomatic neonates.A new wave of midterm elections

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