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– Display working time
– Can be started automati…

This is a much needed script to manage Facebook friends and it will allow you to view their status or other related information in a simple list.
The script is available on GitHub:

GitHub is used to host all scripts which will be reviewed and accepted by their owners as they deem fit.
Screenshots and Video of the script in action:
The script will h…

I need a person to design a website, the website is for a project in the future, so this kind of design experience is needed.
Link to Sketch:
[login to view URL]
Next steps:
1. Trying to go live and get hit with traffic in a few weeks.
2. Be designed to look good on most sizes of screens.
Please keep up the good work.

We are looking for several female models, we have a good routine, so the work will be very easy.
We know is too specific and we are looking for “do you work at home” / “work from home” ads, not fashion one.
We will chose the models based on the photos and video you upload. It’s very simple, read carefully the requirements.
Thank you.

In BNI (Brain Network Interactivity) we show the flow of thoughts and how the brain connects people.
We are looking for a new design for the website and associated work to explain in an easy way the general relation between a man and a woman.
The new design must be consistent with the old one and no thing specific for the website, but it must contain images for explaining the th…

Name: Fidelis Registry
Description: You have recently lost a loved one. In your grief, you post to your social network sites to share your loss with the world.
Once you click “Post”, a small, unobtrusive post-it-type icon will appear at the top of your site displaying the timestamp and the number of Likes you’ve received. On the far right of your screen, you will notice a small curl.

looking for a script to login to different web sites at once, and download a webpage, then save it to the computer, open it with a web browser.
This is for multiple jobs that will be need to be logged in

SoYouWork Crack With Keygen (Latest)

SoYouWork Crack For Windows is a desktop gadget that is designed to count down your working hours for the day, week, month and year. It counts down using the simple interface of a stopwatch. You can set it to count down every minute, hour, day, week, month, quarter year or year. You can even choose to count down in days, weeks, and months.
Description of features:
Counts down the amount of working time you have left, until the next morning..
Counts working hours and minutes per day and per hour and per minute.
You can set multiple goals per week, and you can also set the number of working days to use per week.
You can select with which screen saver you want to use your working time. The options are “Clock Screen,” “Weather Screen,” “Picture Screen,” “Animals Screen” and “None Screen.”
You can select the format of the counter display. Please note that using the Setting’s above “General Settings” the count down will always show no. 00 until the count down is run. If you set a number in the Format dropdown list then it will always use that number as the counter display format.
You can select whether you want to use your current time in the format “Central Europe Time” or “Current Time”
You can select whether you want to use the system clock or a local time in your computer time settings. Please note that if your computer has not yet the date set up then the count down will always show “1. January.”
You can insert a countdown timer for your usage of working time, and it will wait until you start working again.
You can choose to start the counter after logon, or just before logon.
You can stop the countdown manually or automatically by selecting the event “End of working time” if a break is detected.
You can use your task manager to hide the gadget when you start other applications and/or minimize the gadget to tray when you close other applications.
You can choose a custom title of your gadget or keep the one from the original SoYouWork. This is useful to call this gadget in your programs.
SoYouWork will run with the “Service” or “Vista Service” account. To change this you need to right-click on the gadget and choose “Change owner and service”. Change the owner to “SoYouWork” and the “Vista Service” to “SoYouWork”.
You can set the ”

SoYouWork Crack+ Free Download

If you are a workaholic and you want to know how much working time is left before your day is up, then SoYouWork is for you! It’s a gadget that will show on desktop the how much time you have left in your daily working time.
It counts down your working hours and displays it with a digit counter and a progress bar.
The countdown can be paused if there is a break.
You can use soyouwork as a clock, to synchronize it with your other PDA or Desktop Computer.
You don’t need to configure anything, it runs by itself using the standard Windows startup programs.
SoYouWork Features:
You can choose:
– the working hours by day/week/month
– the number of working days by week/month
– The number of working weeks per year
– The number of working hours per day
– The days of the week (Tuesday to Sunday)
You can also choose:
– The number of minutes per hour
– The number of hours per day
– The number of days per week
– The number of months per year
– The number of years
– The days of the week (Monday to Sunday)
And then you can choose:
– a progress bar to indicate how long your working time is
– a digits counter (only numeric)
– the background colour (12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 or Custom)
– the text colour (black, white, light grey, blue, orange, fuchsia, or Custom)
– the text size (8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 or Custom)
Download SoYouWork on CodeCanyon:

SoYouWork for Windows is a free app, but I’m not responsible for any problems or issues.
I can’t guarantee that this app works flawlessly on all computers and all browsers.
I would appreciate any feedbacks and suggestions.
Thank you for using SoYouWork!
I’m an independent developer and I sell my apps for less than $0.99.
I don’t make any money out of SoYouWork, but I use it to develop new apps and new features.
SoYouWork is distributed under GPL v3

What’s New In?

* * Starting with 2.3.0 version* * V1.1: Additional taskbar icon* * V2.0: Additional clock icon* * V2.1: Design converted into Windows 10 Theme* * V3.0: Optimized for Windows 10* * V3.1: Set your working hours in the settings.* * V3.2: Automatically start countdown* * V4.0: Added start and pause option* * V4.1: Taskbar notification icon* * V4.5: Set the number of days per week* * V5.0: Convert Into Windows 10 Theme* * V5.5: Add possibility to set your weekly working time* * V5.7: Support Windows 10/10 20H1 onwards* * V5.9: Add possibility to pause the countdown* * V6.0: Make work / pause options as quick as possible* * V6.1: Fix bug if an application was not loaded. Working hours and number of days / weeks are now corrected.* * V6.5: Add possibility to restart countdown from the end* * V6.6: Include Windows 10 Taskbar icon* * V6.7: Ability to choose timer speed* * V6.9: Ability to choose on which days you want work hours to countdown* * V7.0: Countdown to the last day can be be restarted* * V8.0: Multi-language version* * V8.1: Add possibility to install SoYouWork via Microsoft Store* * V8.2: Add possibility to setup how many days per week* * V8.5: Add some more options* * V8.6: Speed issue fixed* * V9.0: Add possibility to choose a timer speed* * V9.1: Add possibility to choose a timer speed* * V10.0: Status bar notification icon* * V10.0: Change from a progress bar to a digit counter* * V10.1: Add possibility to pause the countdown* * V10.2: Store daily working hours* * V10.3: Add possibility to view daily working hours* * V10.4: Add possibility to choose a timer speed* * V10.5: Countdown can be paused by a key (CTRL+Space)* * V10.5: Countdown can be resumed by pressing the same key.* * V10.6: Design converted

System Requirements For SoYouWork:

* Windows 7 (64 bit) or newer.
* OpenGL 3.3 compatible graphics card.
* 8 GB of RAM.
* 1.5 GB of available disk space.
* 7 GB of available disk space.
* 1080p or better display (Notebook or larger).
Dear gamers,
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