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Mount and blade viking conquest serial key listDownload Save.Pauley Perrette has had a pretty rough couple of weeks after surviving a harrowing kidnapping ordeal that took place in South America in March.

The actress, who’s been starring on Fox’s comedy series The Following, revealed Monday that she and her husband Chris, a police officer, were forced to flee the country after being held captive for a whopping 39 days.

While currently settled in North America, the couple is moving back to the hometown of the suspect, Jose Burrueta, who investigators say kidnapped Pauley and Chris, and whose psychiatric hospital they occupied for three days. The hospital is located in Pichincha province, about four hours from Lima, Peru.

“We have just arrived back to Peru. The most incredible, beautiful, magical country. The people of South America are so welcoming. We hope to be back in our wonderful country soon,” she wrote. “I am thankful to the authorities for their time, devotion, and care of Chris and our family. I am so thankful to God for our son, who has given us immeasurable love and forgiveness. I am both humbled and blessed by the adventures of the past months and the life I have been given. I cannot thank God, our family, my fans, friends or @IanMcKee and his crew enough for all that He has done. ”

The couple had returned from vacation two weeks ago, only to take their son out of school to be safe because Burrueta, who they say they didn’t know was a criminal, also has a young son. Apparently, the infamous kidnapping ploy was part of a plan to sell the story in the media, and authorities weren’t convinced.

On Thursday, Perrette released a statement revealing that she and Chris had lost their passports at some point in the past.

“We were held for 39 days and we were kept in a small, dark, locked room. I was held with Chris for eight days, approximately. We have no idea how long he was held until he came back. I cannot explain the feeling in my heart when I thought Chris was dead. I could


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