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Is there a simple database design for this chat?

I have been reading data modeling tutorial / guides and many answered that I need to design an artificial table for a chat where people will be able to sent message and receive them. But there is such a thing, where people can just read each other’s message not sends messages. Another questions is that I need to create a table for the messages itself, a user table and a chat table. So what should be my solution of this design?


This is how I would do it :
table post : id, id_post_user, text
table post_user : id, id_user, user

Now, depending on the UX you want to have, you can do as many posts as you want from a single user.


I would normalize this out a little bit more. The chat table would have two columns, user and type.
The user column would store the id of the user that made the post.
The type would store the type of post that was made.


How to use a list in Coq?

I’m writing a Coq proof about a system I’m developing. It has a Type whose signature is some of the following:

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Data Extractor Pro 6.0 Crack may be the fastest and the best of your Windows tool. I was a bit skeptical about this crack in the first. I was a bit skeptical about this crack in the first.

Odometer display installed


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