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7 Jan 2016 I am sharing Whatsapp Sender Pro 4.0 Crack version, it is a software that is used to send bulk Whatsapp messages. 5 is a complete E-Commerce system to easily start your online E-Commerce business.The present invention relates to a composition for the regeneration of tires that contain micronized carbon black and that must be worked at low temperatures, of the kind that contain a composition of 60-80% of carbon black with a micronized dimension greater than 4 μm, and 20-40% of metallic or non-metallic filler, the filler being selected from the group consisting of (i) silica, (ii) carbon black with a reduced coarseness, and (iii) refractory fillers containing at least one of titanium, zirconium or aluminum, the aforesaid percentage being calculated on the total weight of the composition.
In the new tire technology, the properties of the tread or “skins” are of vital importance and allow, on the one hand, the achievement of good driving comfort in the use of the vehicle, while, on the other hand, guaranteeing high safety levels in the event of a vehicle crash. The first requirement calls for a tread or “skin” with high wear resistance, which is performed by the use of materials with a high hardness and high resistance to the action of water and of oils in service and in the event of a vehicle crash.
The second requirement, however, calls for a tread or “skin” with a low rolling resistance, which consists of using as a material in the tread, carcass or cord plies, compounds based on rubbers having a low hysteresis and a high resistance to deformation.
The first requirement is satisfied by using mainly carbon black in a composition that, on the one hand, has a high resistance to the action of water and of oils in service, and, on the other hand, requires the use of a large amount of filler.
The solution currently used to satisfy the second requirement consists of using a composition based on rubbers with a low hysteresis and improved in the balance of physical and mechanical properties, and thus having a low rolling resistance. This is realized by using a large amount of carbon black having a dimension greater than 8 μm, in particular an amount greater than 4 μm.
For these reasons, the use of low-cost carbon black, rather than the high-cost ones, in the manufacture



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