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What is it?

Roblox is a free virtual world platform and game development environment. Roblox’s interface is a cube in the shape of a hypercube, and contains development tools that allow users to create and run games in the Roblox environment. The games run on a local server that communicates with the player through a web browser or mobile application.

Who is it for?

The Roblox platform was created for children, although its community contains a wide variety of ages. Roblox is made for children ages eight and up, and the game was intended for children aged eight to 12.

When it was first released, Roblox was meant to be a game that children could play by themselves on their computers, whereas the current version requires an internet connection in order to create content and play. This was necessary as Roblox was designed as a game that requires no hosting or payment of hosting fees in order to run games.

Roblox describes itself as a free virtual world that allows players to create and play games. Roblox may be a “game”, but it is also a virtual world platform. The games are programmed in the user-friendly programming language, Lua, similar to the older language, Lua.

An article published on GameBanshee.com described Roblox as “the first major PC gaming platform to go social in the classic sense”. This means that the games are designed to be played by a small group of players or a single player online.

How does it work?

The Roblox interface functions as a cube in the shape of a hypercube. There are eight faces, six edges, and four vertices, or corners, of the cube. Like a cube, these faces, edges, and vertices are numbered. The edges that make up the faces and the vertices that make up the edges can be nested together, and the inner faces, edges, and vertices can be removed or reshaped.

This design enables users to manipulate the interface of the cube in the same way that they manipulate the games. If, for instance, a user rotates the outermost faces, he can manipulate the inner faces of that same face as well. The inner faces, edges, and vertices can also be moved around. The shapes that can be generated, and the visual designs of those shapes, have been categorized into 10 groups. These groups are created to ensure


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private ConcurrentMap, List> map;

// Constructor
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public static EventBus getInstance() {
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for (EventListener listener : eventListeners) {
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public void register(Class eventClass, EventListener eventListener) {
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if (listeners == null) {
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