Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 PT-BR X64 ISO Setup Free Free

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 PT-BR X64 ISO Setup Free Free

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Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 PT-BR X64 ISO Setup Free

Hey all! Ive successfully installed 7 Ultimate, but i have lost my keys for 7 Home Premium. What i did to install 7 Ultimate is i used a DVD to burn the ISO file, then i tried to use the “install windows to USB” option as per the webpage above. I tried to burn it to a different DVD and than the actual DVD that i burned the ISO to. I also tried using Rufus and making a bootable USB but i get the same error
The partition is of an unrecognized type.
when i try to format the partition or click continue the error persists.

Let me start with the end result. I was able to make a bootable USB and I used that to make a live usb. I was able to load the OS I wanted and it even recognized my graphics card. I can’t run games because it is NTFS format, and the operating system is not installed. The only part I found difficult was how to install the boot loader. I used EaseUS to perform this task and all seemed to be just fine until I got the error message
Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. Windows must be installed to a partition formatted as NTFS.
Help! Im stuck!

Hello again. I was wondering if you could help me with this one. The first time I installed Windows 7 on my desktop I used my Toshiba OEM win 7 64 bit disk that came with the laptop. Then when I wanted to install it on my Toshiba laptop my product key does not work with the installer. I understand I can use a Toshiba OEM recovery disk to try and fix my product key, but I dont have one. I am just wondering if I could buy a disk from a different computer and install it. I only have a Toshiba OEM disk, nothing else, so I was just wondering if I could use this disk and install it on my toshiba.

Question: i tried to use the DVD and the product key is not working, (it does not accept the product key which is from my original win7 64 x 64), i tried using the bootable usb but it says in different languages, microsoft or recovery. can someone please help. i tried the free version from the site on another computer, it works perfectly. i really dont want to try to install it myself using a recovery disk because the key does not work and i can not find a way to recover my original product key from my cd. i really need the original product key from my original install of windows.
My situation is this, I got a computer on which I had windows xp but then I installed windows 7 and I cannot use the key since when I try to make it I get invalid serial number. I dont have any recovery disks. Do you think the key would work with a fresh install of win7 home premium?
I have a laptop with a product key that doesnt validate. Microsoft doesnt have an OEM version of Windows 7 to recover it from. I only have a normal version and dont know if its legit or if they replaced it with a cracked version of the software. How can i solve this problem?
Basically what i have is a windows 10 ultimate pro license but on a dvd instead of a cd. I have used the windows 10 retail software to create a bootable usb and put it on my laptop, when i run it, it detects the windows 10, asks me to activate but after activating nothing happens and when i try to restart it freezes at windows boot and nothing happens. Do you think that it could be my dvd or is this a legit way to get a legit copy of windows 10?

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